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House renovation in the Salvà street of Barcelona

This same week we have completed a new work to rehabilitate housing in the city of Barcelona. In the company of house renovations Grupo Inventia we were in charge of completely renewing a property located on Salvà street. We carry out improvements in the equipment of rooms such as the kitchen and the bathroom and the interior design section.

In the following video you can see the general finishes of this house renovation, but to know all its secrets, we will comment on the most outstanding details of this new renovation in Barcelona. In it, the restoration of the original hydraulic floor was carried out in all rooms.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen is located in an open space and is distributed in the form of L. At the end of the left side the refrigerator was fitted and then a piece of tile equipped with a sink was born. The counter tans to the right and gives way to a more extended counter. It is equipped with a ceramic hob and an oven embedded in the lower part.

The interior design applied in this kitchen renovation has a nice vintage touch. It emphasizes the original hydraulic floor that was restored and that contributes an enormous personality. In the area turquoise touches are added to it, which are found in the fridge and in the tiles on the wall. In turn, wooden shelving also was placed, which extended the storage capacity.

Bathroom renovation

In this bathroom renovation, the sanitary equipment consists of a sink with built-in storage furniture, a suspended toilet and a shower. After the renovation work, a room was suitable for the day to day activities as well as for the moments in which one wishes more calmly.

In the interior design section, it was possible to create a fresh and pleasant room. Because it is a zone of daily use, it is a very successful environment. For this, the walls were completely tiled with rectangular white tiles. These are in tune with the rest of the house and its new modern appearance, but with vintage touches.

House renovations in Barcelona

If you need to complete your house renoavtion, do not hesitate to contact Grupo Inventia. We offer tailor-made projects and adjusted to your needs through daily advice from our interior designers and technical architects.