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House renovation in Sant Pere Mitjà street in Barcelona

Our list of completed house renovations adds a new component. We have completed a house renovation project in Sant Pere Mitjà street in Barcelona. A very complete job in which we have been in charge of improving both the interior image and the equipment of the house.

Now this floor is ready to offer the best performance at all times. We prepare each project in a personalized way and based on the needs of each owner. In this way all the details are established before starting any type of work.

Like this renovation in Barcelona, ​​we share all the jobs we finish on our social networks. So we can make known in a real way all the improvements that we can apply in a home. In the following video we share the result of this work in Sant Pere Mitjà street.

Open kitchen renovation

The new kitchen on this floor is open and has an L-shaped layout. Thanks to this new arrangement of its elements, it offers excellent mobility. In the same way that household appliances are located in the right places to offer the best functionality in use.

A refrigerator has been placed at the far left which is camouflaged by the doors of the kitchen furniture. Next comes the first section of countertop equipped with a sink. It turns to the right and gives way to a second section that offers a support surface and is equipped with a ceramic hob.

All wrapped up in a piece of kitchen furniture that combines dark tones and wood finishes. One of the improvements of this kitchen renovation is that it has created more storage space. It has drawers and cupboards both in the upper and lower areas of the worktops. In the latter, the microwave has also been integrated.

Renovation of functional bathrooms

This flat has two bathrooms. One is located in the master bedroom and the other is the general area of ​​the house. In both cases we have worked to get two spaces that offer the best answer to current needs. For this we have modernized its image and installed functional sanitary equipment.

Each bathroom has a sink with storage, a floating toilet and a water area. For the latter, a shower tray has been chosen that is protected by sliding door screens. The bathrooms also have other elements such as a rectangular bathroom mirror.

For the new look of this bathroom renovation, a fresh design in line with the rest of the house has been chosen. In both cases, the walls have been tiled with gray tiles and a new floor of tiles in the same tones has been laid. Thanks to this neutral environment, more colors can be applied, such as those of the bathroom furniture.

New interior image

Another of the improvements that we have undertaken is the application of a new interior design in all spaces. According to the tastes of the owners we have applied a contemporary interior design. We have managed to create spaces with a cozy atmosphere and which are presented as bright and spacious spaces.

The main area of ​​the house that unites the kitchen, living room and dining room stands out. It combines neutral tones with wood finishes and a restored exposed brick ceiling. This atmosphere and image is also transferred to the bedrooms, which have turned out to be an ideal space for rest.

Another of the new elements that contribute to this change of image is the pavement. A parquet floor has been laid in natural wood tones. In addition to the advantages of a neutral and quiet interior, it provides a greater sense of warmth throughout the home.

House renovation budget

If the time has come to do you house renovation at Grupo Inventia we take care of everything. We prepare a personalized project based on your needs. In addition, our professionals will advise you throughout the process and contact is direct. Call us on 93 209 97 17 and request your renovation budget without any commitment.