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House renovation in Tortosa street of Terrassa town

Recently in Grup Inventia we have finalized the house renovation in Tortosa street of the town of Terrassa. In general, we managed to provide the property with visually spacious and bright rooms, creating a perfect atmosphere to make life in it.

Now we will review the most outstanding details of this new house renovation, but before we share the following video so that the general finishes of the work carried out can be appreciated.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen is open and for the disposal of its new elements a two frontal distribution was used. At the end of the right side the appliances were fitted, made up of a refrigerator, an oven and a microwave. Next is a section of counter that reaches to the other end of the kitchen. It offers a large surface support and is equipped with a ceramic hob. In addition, it has storage capacity both in its lower part and higher.

On the left side, open to the livingroom, a new kitchen countertop was installed equipped with a single sink. In turn, the surface protrudes from the base to give way to a kitchen bar, a perfect place for breakfasts and relaxed lunches.

Bathroom renovation

After the renovation, we find a three piece bathroom composed of a toilet, a sink with built in storage furniture and a shower with a transparent screen. This last element is vital to protect the room from splashes and not to reduce visual space.

As for the interior design, the walls were tiled in medium height with beige tiles and the wall was painted white until reaching the ceiling. This is combined with tiles with wood finishes with which the walls of the shower were completely tiled.

House renovation in Barcelona

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