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House renovations in Barcelona: Rera Palau street

We have completed one of the house renovations we had in place in the city of Barcelona. This time our team has been responsible for completely renovating a house located on the Rera Palau street. A very complete rehabilitation work that has involved an interior design project and the improvement of all facilities.

In addition to the house renovation work, the restoration of several original elements has also been carried out. We will talk about this later, although the general finishes of this project can be seen in the following video. In our Youtube channel you will find the videos of all the works of house renovation in Barcelona and neighborhoods that we are finalizing.

The demand for this house renovation was concise and direct. The image of all the spaces had to be improved generating a home of modern image, although preserving the charm of long ago. In the same way that we have taken care of equipping key rooms such as the kitchen and bathrooms. In short, a complete reform with a successful result.

Kitchen renovation

This time the kitchen is located in a separate room independent of the rest of the house. It has a large surface, so it has been easy to renew it and apply a much more functional distribution. A U-shaped kitchen has been chosen, with three sections of countertop and storage capacity in both the lower and upper area of the kitchen cabinet.

With this kitchen renovation in Barcelona, the image has also been updated. The color white has been chosen for the kitchen furniture, including the countertops. This is a very successful option, as it manages to generate a bright and visually spacious space. It also combines perfectly with the new gray tile floor.

As for the new kitchen equipment, a custom space has been provided to integrate the refrigerator at the far left end. The sink has been placed on the central worktop, in this case a sinus. For its part, a modern glass ceramic hob has been installed in the right section of the worktop. Just below this, the oven has been integrated.

Bathroom renovation

In the house renovations that we carry out, we also take care of the improvement of the image and equipment of the bathrooms. This time we find two bathrooms that complement each other. Specifically in one of them there is a sink with storage cabinet and shower tray. That is, the water area plus a space for daily hygiene.

The washbasin with storage cabinet repeats in the other bathroom. Taking advantage of the bottom of the sink to include cabinets or drawers is a great option. In this way all types of bathroom and hygiene items can be kept organized. This is accompanied by a toilet that is presented in modern lines, although with a classic image. The cistern is located in the back.

In the decorative theme in both bathrooms a similar design has been chosen. In this way you can create a homogenize between the two rooms and have the feeling that it is the same bathroom. The walls have been completely tiled with beige tiles. An option that manages to generate greater brightness and breadth.

For its part, the floor has been changed and a gray tile floor has been laid. A contemporary image, very fresh and with neutral tones as protagonists. Other elements of this bathroom renovation are the mirrors, placed on the sink. Also that they are accessed through a sliding door, getting the most out of available space.

New interior design

As this is a house renovations, not only has the improvement of equipment been taken into account. An interior design project has also been carried out. One of the objectives of the work was to rejuvenate the image of the house and print a pleasant interior design in line with current trends.

It has been worked on the basis of a contemporary style design and colors have been used capable of generating greater spaciousness and brightness in all rooms. A soft shade of gray has been used to paint the walls. Now the atmosphere is warm and warm. Essential details in every home.

Most of the ceilings have been renovated and painted white. However, in some bedrooms the sky has been painted blue and the original moldings have been kept. In the same way that the original hydraulic floors have been restored in most of the rooms. In this way, the image of a home can be updated without losing the essence and charm of the classic buildings of Barcelona of yesteryear.

House renovations in Barcelona

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