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House renovations in Viladecans

In the company of house renovations Grupo Inventia we have concluded a new work of house renovation. Our team moved to the town of Viladecans to carry out a complete house renovation in both image and equipment. Now, the hopuse look a contemporary style and each room has the necessary elements to offer the best benefits.

Next, we will discuss the details of the work carried out by our team in house renovations, although before we shared a video in which we can appreciate the general finishes achieved in rooms such as kitchen, bathroom or bedrooms.

Kitchen renovation

On this occasion the kitchen is located in an independent room and accessed through a sliding door. This is an element with which you can make the most of the available space. If it is a room with a rectangular surface, it is best to opt for a distribution of kitchen in L. Thus, this kitchen renovation could be provided with a large surface area of support and work and a great capacity of storage

On the right side an elongated countertop was placed that goes from one end to the other of the kitchen. A ceramic hob and a sink were installed on it. Its lower area offers several drawers and cabinets for kitchen storage. At the bottom of the room, custom-made halls were installed to fit the appliances, made up of a refrigerator, oven and microwave.

Bathroom renovation

For the new interior design of the bathroom, the general line of the rest of the house was followed, in which the cozy neutral tone predominates. In this way the walls were completely tiled with beige tiles, the same tone of the chosen pavement. With this it is achieved that other finishes can be introduced in this bathroom renovation, such as the wood that is present in the bathroom furniture placed.

The sanitary equipment also was completely renewed and is ready to offer the best benefits in its use. It consists of a large sink with built-in storage furniture, a toilet and a bathtub protected with a static screen.

House renovations in Viladecans

At Grupo Inventia, we carry out house renovations in Barcelona city, the headquarters of our offices, as well as in neighboring localities. If you want to request your house renovation project, contact us and we will deliver it for free and without obligation.