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House renovation in the Provença street of Barcelona

This week, a new work on housing rehabilitation has been completed. On this occasion Grupo Inventia’s team moved to Provença street to complete a complete bathroom renovation. In addition, we also take care of improving the interior design of the whole house, including rooms such as the livingroom or the bedrooms.

While we are going to comment on the most outstanding details of this new work, before we want to share a video so that the general finishes achieved in this new house renovation in Barcelona can be appreciated.

Interior design

The image of all the houses was completely improved, printing a much more modern and contemporary image. To do this, the appropriate tonalities were used so that in each room generating more sensation of amplitude and luminosity, which translates into cool and cozy environments.

The walls were painted with a soft gray tone and a white socket was placed, also the color chosen for the doors. The contrast between the two tonalities is perfect. The new interior design culminated with the placement of a parquet floor in medium wooden tones. In addition to providing modernity, this pavement also generates a very pleasant warmth.

Kitchen renovation

This is an open and distributed U-shaped kitchen renovation. At the end of the left side the appliances were fitted, consisting of a double door fridge, an oven and a microwave. Next there is a small counter that turns to the right to make way for a second section. It is equipped with a ceramic hob.

On the right side was placed a third counter that offers surface support and that has the sink. Another of the improvements introduced in this kitchen renovation is the expansion of the storage capacity. Throughout the lower part of the counters, several drawers and closets were placed for the organization of the room.

Bathroom renovations

The two bathroom renovations were fully equipped. Now the stays are ready to offer the best benefits in its use. In this way, the new sanitary equipment consists of a basin with storage furniture incorporated in its lower area, a toilet and a shower.

For the new image of the two bathrooms also a similar idea was chosen, with the aim of getting valid stays for both day to day and for the most relaxed moments. For this, beige tiles were used to completely tile the walls. In turn, a stoneware floor was placed in gray that rounds up and achieves the contemporary image that was desired.

House renovations in Barcelona

Grupo Inventia has the indicated professionals so that your house, kitchen or bathroom renovations is a success. You can request your renovation budget and we will deliver it for free and without obligation along with your project.