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How to install an alarm while keeping a good interior design?

3 July, 2019 · Blog

With the arrival of summer months, home alarms have become a priority. Holidays are a paradise for thieves, who take advantage of the fact that the houses are empty to steal your taste. In this way, many are those who choose to install home security systems. But how can you have an alarm and do not break the aesthetics of your home?

Are there any home aesthetic alarms?

Who has added a more safety point to your home, the first step is to compare home alarms.

In the market, there is a wide variety of ranges at different prices, being the alarms of Prosegur and those of Securitas Direct the most sought after.

For this, the best option is to consult with a professional that guides you and analyzes the distribution to determine the ideal location. Of course, it is normal that you want to install it without making any changes. You’ve spent a lot of time already investing in everything you want because an alarm at home revolutionizes the decorative tone.

What price do home alarms have?

The composition of home alarms usually has a control panel (the device that connects to the Alarm Reception Center), a siren, detectors and sensors and some other extra element such as a video surveillance camera.

The price of its installation is usually around 50-200 euros, depending on the model, plus about 30-40 euros monthly fee. In total, the investment usually goes out for 500 euros per year. That said, are the more expensive home alarms more harmoniously aesthetically speaking?

On the market, there are decorative alarms for homes. One of the housing alarms that stands above the rest for this value is the Myfox Home Alarm, a router with a modern technology capable of anticipating theft. With a minimalist design, its price is around 160 euros.

Tips for having home alarms and not breaking with decorative harmony

If, on the other hand, you opt for another, keep in mind these decorative tips because home alarms conjugate with this aesthetic harmony:

Home alarms without renovations

It is normal that you just want to do the minimal works to install home alarms. For this reason, it is essential to study with the installer a scheme of the house to see where the wiring system can go. To avoid problems, the best in the market in terms of decoration are wireless alarms.

Home alarms: blank or in black

The black and white are neutral colors that can be easily combined with the rest of the decorative elements that make up the livingroom, the bedroom, etc.

An alarm for a blank house – the most common one – will create this cool and clean environment that you may be looking for. On the other hand, one in black is great if you want to generate contrasts or if the space is well lit.

Materials for home alarms, resistant

To provide as much security as possible, home alarms are designed with resistant materials that are difficult to break through the thieves – steel sheets, among others – but very little aesthetic.

Thus, if your home is characterized by a Nordic style, you can always place it near the door and cover it with a wooden cover. In this way, it will have this character later in autumn. On the other hand, if the aesthetic is more closely linked to a minimalist and Japanese style, you can always add a cover with oriental motifs.

At heights, the best for these security systems

In case it is possible, a good option is to locate the home alarm at heights.

As already mentioned, the scarce aesthetic properties of alarms, in which you can not play with many textures and colors, make it better to have them at the top of the wall, away from shelves or any other decorative purpose. In other words, these complete security systems must go unnoticed in the eyes of those who live or visit the house.