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How to renovation a home to improve energy efficiency?

11 July, 2019 · Blog

como mejorar eficiencia energetica hogar

At the time of home renovation, a multitude of money saving issues are taken into account: the cost of the mortgage or rent, of the light, of the heating. To save on the latter, you need to think in terms of energy efficiency.

If you want to know how to improve the energy efficiency of your home, we give you guidelines to achieve an efficient energy consumption, favoring self-consumption.

Get the energy efficiency certificate

At the time of undertaking the reform for energy efficiency, the first thing to keep in mind is the energy efficiency certificate.

The certificate of energy efficiency consists of a document that determines the energy characteristics of the property. In it calculates the annual consumption that a home requires during a year under normal conditions of use and operation. There are seven levels, from A to G, more efficient.

How is the certificate of energy efficiency achieved?

Since 2013, all homes have the energy efficiency certificate, which is issued by a rigorous professional in the field, usually a technical engineer or an architect. It must be taken into account that it expires after 10 years since its issuance.

An efficient renovation begins with isolation

Knowing the level of energy efficiency of the building, efficient renovation can not be undertaken without isolation.

Windows and doors, especially in old houses, tend to have some cracks or defective closures that make the heat escapate in the winter. This results in a higher gas expense. For this reason, in this reform, it is useful to think about closing the balcony or putting a double insulating stained glass.

In the summer a similar case happens. The deficiencies in this type of household elements make the suffocating heat of the street get worse and you are forced to put a higher air conditioning.

In the case of floor and ceiling, you can also renovation to walk towards energy efficiency by installing false ceilings that concentrate more heat or by means of air chambers that keep energy on the floor and walls.

The electrical installation renovation

When you already opt to home renovation or buy a new one, make sure that the electrical installation is in optimum conditions.

On many occasions, the supply connection to the general network in old homes is not entirely correct, while in others, even the light must be released. In either case, changes are needed.

In the case of the renovations, contact the distributor for a technician responsible for changing the electrical panel and wiring system. It is advisable to inform you about the different rates and see what power is in line with your needs as well as the parameters of energy efficiency.

The heating for the energetic efficiency renovations

To achieve this optimal and responsible consumption, another of the tasks to undertake is to look at the state of the boiler and radiators.

One of the best options in the case of radiators is to bet on the electric ones instead of those of water or oil. It can be a saving on the energy bill of more than 25%.

In the case of boilers, it is good to make one of condensation, since they take advantage of the energy of the remaining water after combustion to generate heat.

In addition to this, it is good to undertake the reform with the look put into aerothermal, a modern system in which 75% of the energy is extracted from the air.