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How to get more natural light in our home

30 May, 2023 · Blog

In the world of interior design, we have many tricks to make our home a pleasant space suitable for our needs. From the colors of the walls to the small decorative accessories. Everything adds up to ensure that every space in our house brings us the greatest benefits.

One of these elements focuses on the luminosity that we can apply in each area of our home. It covers both natural and artificial light, although we will focus more on the former. At the outset, having the maximum possible natural light will be a big plus and will enhance a very positive environment.

luz natural en casa

When we have large entrances of natural light the path is paved, although it is not always possible. For this reason, the interior design sector provides us with certain ideas and tips to enhance natural light in our home. Following the correct steps we will be able to illuminate our rooms very effectively.

Take advantage of all the windows

It may seem obvious when we refer to enhancing natural light at home, although there are several details to consider. Arriving at this point, we must make the most of all natural light inputs. Especially in key spaces such as the living room or the dining room, since from there we can expand the exterior light to other corners.

To achieve it we must have the window well clear. This does not mean that we give up having curtains, but that we must have the right curtains. A good option are translucent and neutral-toned curtains. In this particular case, white curtains are ideal to achieve this.

In this way, we can maintain our privacy by making the most of the natural light we have at home. This is a recommended practice both in large spaces such as the living room or dining room and in more intimate rooms such as bedrooms. In both cases we will succeed in promoting a more pleasant and welcoming environment.

luz natural dormitorio

Paint colors

Boosting natural light at home also involves choosing the right paint colors for each space in our home. They must be shades that allow natural light to flow easily to every corner. Based on this characteristic, neutral tones are the best to achieve this.

The color white is a safe bet to generate more light in our home. In addition to this characteristic, it can also enhance the feeling of spaciousness and depth. These are features that will benefit the general environment in small apartments or smaller rooms.

luz natural en salon

It is obviously not the only option, since there are other very valid colors to achieve the same benefits. In this sense another classic is a soft shade of beige. It allows natural light to be enhanced in the required area and in turn provides a point of warm color. From here we can also combine colors and apply gray paint and soft tones of colors such as green or blue.

Efficient decoration

In addition to the points mentioned, the decoration of our house also has a fundamental role to achieve more natural light. Taking into account the characteristics discussed, the wooden finishes, white furniture and contemporary style elements will be ideal. With a well-patterned decoration, we will allow natural light to follow its path and will not hinder its passage.

By following a well-marked decorative line, you can get more natural light in your home. The benefits are ideal for creating a familiar and welcoming environment. Take advantage of the entrances of natural light and enhance it with a contemporary decoration. The main objective is that you feel that your home is what you deserve