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How to make a pallet shoemaker

28 February, 2023 · Blog

Pallets arrived in the world of interior design to stay for a long time. Although at first the idea of making furniture with pallets sounded strange, it has succeeded. Pallet furniture for both indoor and outdoor use is one of the biggest current trends. It is very difficult to find a person who does not know them.

With them we can create all kinds of furniture such as tables or sofas, but this time we will focus on how to make a pallet shoemaker. In addition to its practicality, it is an ideal option to apply that rustic touch that is so popular in homes. Madera y etilo hand made, todos makes us think of a warm and cozy house.

zapatero de palets

One of the great advantages of making furniture with pallets is that they are easy to find and inexpensive. To this we must add that they can be used to make a variety of furniture, including a pallet shoemaker rack. With just a few basic tools and supplies, you can make an elegant and functional shoe rack to help organize your space.

Where to get the pallets?

The first step to make our shoemaker with pallets is to have the necessary materials to build it. Currently, many specialized stores sell pieces of pallets of different sizes at affordable prices. We can also choose to get them for free, since many are thrown away. By purchasing it in an establishment we ensure that they are treated and ready to use.

However, it never hurts to sand them if necessary and clean them with a damp cloth to remove possible impurities from the wood. Later this will make our work easier when painting or varnishing the pallet shoemaker rack we are making.

zapatero con banco

Custom manufacturing

With the wood treated and ready to use, we just have to start the construction process. The first step is to measure the space in which we want to place our pallet shoemaker and mark the wood. Our needs come into play and from there we will decide how to do it both in terms of size and capacity.

In the same way that we can buy our pallets in specialized stores, we can also acquire their anchors. In hand-made style furniture, safety is very important and we must make sure that we have the appropriate screws and tools. The union of the pieces of the pallet shoemaker is key so that it lasts and offers the best performance.

Once we have the pallets united and well fitted, we will be able to finish our new shoemaker made to order in different ways. Among them, we can paint it in the color that best suits our style or apply a layer of classic varnish. Likewise, we can choose to maintain the natural wood look. If we opt for this option, we do recommend applying some special product for wood conservation.

zapatero con palets para exterior

Functional pallet shoe rack

Once we have ready our new shoemaker made with pallets we will have a fully functional piece of furniture. We will have a perfect space to organize the shoes of the whole family. In addition, that it will be a unique piece of furniture and with the satisfaction of having made it with our own hands.