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How to request the energy certificate of our home

8 May, 2023 · Blog

One day we started to hear about it and nowadays the energy certificate is an indispensable element for our home. Currently it is an essential document to carry out some actions in the home. Normally you think of the energy certificate to rent or sell a property, but there is much more.

When renovating our electrical appliances, we also want to know how the energy in our house is listed. It will depend on buying one or other household appliances, since the electricity bill can vary easily. Therefore, having the energy certificate is essential.

Given its importance, we are going to comment on the steps to follow to apply for the energy certificate. If everything is in order, it’s a simple process and we’ll get it done easily within the established deadlines. Once we have it, we will have perfect information about our house and that will facilitate several choices.

What is the energy certificate and what is it for?

Before requesting it, it is never too late to remember that it is the energy efficiency certificate, as doubts still arise in this regard. Basically, the energy certificate is an official document that has been drawn up by an authorized technician. As information, it will be very useful and we will need it if we want to rent or sell a property.

This certificate offers us in detail and specifically the energy characteristics of the apartment or house in question. Through the calculation of the energy consumption of a year we will receive a letter or another. The closer the letter A is to our certificate of energy efficiency, the better.

Thanks to this we will be able to have a real idea of how much our home or the house that we are going to sell or buy consumes. If we know the energy characteristics we will be able to plan certain works in the facilities or in the thermal and insulating section. The information on the energy certificate anticipates possible future situations.

How to request the energy certificate?

The request for an official document can cause a headache due to ignorance. As we mentioned, applying for the energy efficiency certificate is an official document that is easy to obtain. The first step is to hire the services of an authorized technician to issue the certificate.

This professional will be in charge of collecting all the necessary data to draw up the final energy certificate. To do this, you must check the thermal installations, the enclosures that the house has and the manufacturing materials of the facade. It will also take the relevant measures to correlate them.

In addition to the technical specifications, the set of the certificate also includes possible solutions to certain aspects that can be improved. Once we have obtained our energy certificate, we must register it with the body in charge of our autonomous community.

How much is it worth to issue the certificate?

Once two key questions regarding the energy certificate have been answered, one more arises. The technician’s review work has a cost that will depend on his price range as a professional. In this sense there are several factors that can affect the price of the energy certificate, for example, the size of the floor.

Thanks to the thousands of procedures that have been carried out, a price bracket can be established. In homes of less than 80 square meters, prices can range from 50 to 250 euros. For higher grade properties, you are paying between 100 and 300 euros and so on. As we have mentioned, there will be different details that will make the issuance of the document cheaper or more expensive.

If you are thinking of making a move with your home, request your energy certificate as soon as possible. It’s a simple procedure and you’ll appreciate having it to focus on other aspects of your home.