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Install air conditioning in small flats

7 September, 2023 · Blog

In hot seasons is when we most appreciate having air conditioning at home. Many homes already have it, but there are other homes that don’t. The installation of air conditioning is something continuous and that we will always find in the market. Although it is associated with hot seasons, it is also functional in winter by producing warm air.

aire acondicionado piso pequeño

We will focus on air conditioning options for small flats, as we can opt for conventional installation or portable devices. The aim is to find out what the market has to offer and how we can apply it to our home in a simple and functional way. That’s why we will evaluate options: air conditioning the whole house or just some rooms.

Install air conditioning

Currently, in newly built homes, air conditioning is usually present in the project. Before, however, it was not so common and the installation of air conditioners is a regular job for professionals in the sector. If we are very clear that we need it, the ideal is to install it permanently.

The air conditioner catalog for the home is very wide and varied to find the one that best suits us. Since it is a small flat, it is advisable to establish an air conditioning capacity for 20 or 30 m2. This is usually the standard measurement for family flats with two or three rooms to be air-conditioned.

In addition, by having a permanent installation we can ensure suitable air conditioning for the whole year. Installing a hot and cold air conditioning is the best option when we opt for a permanent installation. Beyond the functional part, manufacturers strive to create designer A/C that can be combined with different decorative styles.

instalar aire acondicionado

Air conditioning without installation

If, on the other hand, we want something a little more punctual and that does not involve construction, portable air conditioners are made for us. The great advantage is that it allows us to air conditioner small flats correctly and through very simple use. We must bear in mind that they are air conditioners for the home and the benefits are the same as those installed permanently.

In the same way, the market offers us a wide variety of portable air conditioners, both in design and in capacity. In this case, it will also be necessary to take into account the measurements of the rooms that we want to air-condition. This way we will get the right power to cool in the summer and heat in the winter.

Practical and functional

Other advantages that cold and hot air conditioner can bring us without installation is its great mobility. We can move it to the room we want in a comfortable way and in the case of a change of address we can easily take it with us. It is a great option for people and families who live in small rental apartments.

aire acondicionado sin instalacion

Having air conditioniner at home will always be an advantage for the well-being of the whole family. Once decided, it will be a matter of assessing which type of air conditioning best suits your needs. Permanent or portable installation.