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Interior decoration with Mediterranean decoration

6 May, 2019 · Blog

As an interior design company in Barcelona, at Grup Inventia we have experienced interior designers able to create the best projects in interior design and home decoration. These are characterized by adjusting to the needs of each client, offering the best solutions to all their needs.

With numerous projects of interior design and house renovations in Bracelona behind, Grupo Inventia has the right professionals to generate all kinds of ideas and advice to those who want to renew the interior design of their home, but not They have just been convinced of what decorative style to apply.

In this text we will see the strengths of the Mediterranean decoration, a style that can bring a lot of freshness to any home stay.

Natural light

One of the most characteristic details of the Mediterranean style is the natural luminosity that has to wrap all the rooms. This factor is very important, as it makes this atmosphere so fresh and pleasant that it is so characteristic of the Mediterranean areas. For this reason, clear the entrance areas of natural light, usually the windows, will be essential.

To enhance this aspect, it is highly recommended to use white color to paint the walls of our house. This color so immaculate will allow the natural light to expand throughout the building, while achieving a greater sensation of amplitude. This, coupled with a soft wood floor parquet, will create the ideal environment for the day to day and for the moments where the calm is required.

Touches of color

Obviously the Mediterranean decoration is not only luminosity, as there are also some colors and finishes that fit perfectly and also contribute to make it more remarkable. As for colors, it’s a good idea to apply small details in blue. This tonality is also very indicative of this type of interior design and we can apply it through textiles, painted wall sections or bathroom tiles, a room where this combination works very well.

Other details that we can apply in the Mediterranean style are wood finishes, in addition to the parquet floor mentioned. In this regard, the range of options is wide, since we have a wide variety of furniture, for example, among which to choose. At a more decorative level, small boxes or table centers will be ideal.

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