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Interior design and restoration in your new home

1 April, 2022 · Blog

When carrying out a house renovation, it should always be considered to integrate original elements into the new interior design. We refer to pieces with character and that can give a lot of personality to the new image of your rooms. In the same way that the original essence of the construction is preserved to a greater or lesser extent.

At Grupo Inventia, as a house renovation company, we take this into account and whenever possible we raise it in the initial project. It is also necessary to say according to which elements it is the same owners who request to restore and maintain it. Renovating and updating the image of your home is not at odds with maintaining certain details. In fact, many of these elements are artificially requested as the world of interior design has made them current trends.

pared ladrillo visto casa

In our renovations in Barcelona and its surroundings we find such demands and the protagonists are very marked. The exposed brick walls and ceilings and the hydraulic floors are the most likely to be restored and maintained in the new design. If your decorative style is not very marked, this type of elements can give it a touch of excellent quality.

Brick walls seen

As we have mentioned, the exposed brick finish is one of the most requested. In spaces such as the livingroom or bedrooms it is presented as a much desired image and fits with many types of decoration. If you already have it in its original way, restoration is practically mandatory, even if it is only for one wall. Similarly, it is a finish that many homeowners do not care if it is artificial.

For a contemporary interior design, having a exposed brick wall will give a lot of personality to the space in question. It will also generate a lot of glances from our visits, because if you dare to keep it you know that you have decided well. It generates a very interesting personality point in the overall image of the home and also helps to generate a feeling of warmth. Surrounded by shades of white or beige will be a perfect complement.

Vaulted ceiling

Continuing with the line of exposed brick finishes we went from the walls to the ceilings. In old buildings it is very common that when removing the current roof layer, an imposing vaulted roof appears. For our interior designers in Barcelona it becomes a very grateful element, as it can be integrated very well into a modern design.

techo ladrillo visto

The so-called volta catalana is liked and if the restoration can be done effectively it is very likely to stay. Keep in mind that it must be thermally insulated to offer the same guarantees as a current construction. If this is possible, our home will gain in both interior design and visual space, as these ceilings are usually high.

In general, the exposed brick finishes are very much appreciated and demanded, something that the interior design market knows. So much so that you can find a variety of walls that mimic brick in different shades and finishes. In addition, its installation is simple and its cost is more than competitive.

Original hydraulic floor

The exposed brick walls and ceilings are one of the most restored elements in today’s interior design. They are closely followed by hydraulic floors, in some cases works of art that you just have to plant to restore and maintain. This is usually a job that must be done with great care and attention.

Perhaps one of the trends is not to keep it in the whole house, but it is key spaces where it generates both visual and practical advantages. We are not referring to areas of the house such as the kitchen or the bathroom. These are spaces where a sturdy floor like the hydraulic one will work very well. It is also a smooth surface that offers easy maintenance.

reforma integral baño

Obviously we are referring to options that we have taken care of and based on applying a much more neutral contemporary design. Yet there are also cases in which the original hydraulic floor is completely maintained. As with exposed brick, the market offers floors that mimic hydraulic finishes.

Interior design and restoration in Barcelona

The renovation projects we offer at Grupo Inventia are personalized and tailor-made. If the owners want to keep some original element of the house we work to make it so. On the one hand, our interior design professionals are in charge of integrating them into the new interior design. Once the team of restaurateurs of the company is responsible for making it perfect. If you think the time has come to change the image and equipment of your home, call us on 93 209 97 17. We will give you your project and budget without any commitment.