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Interior design ideas: ceramic floor with parquet image

21 October, 2020 · Blog · Tags:

In our company of interior design and renovations we have a wide catalog of options for any space of the house. This includes a myriad of options for the new flooring of your home. After years of experience carrying out interior design projects in Barcelona, we can say that our variety of floors adapts to any style and budget.

suelo gres acabado madera

We currently see that many homeowners who want to renew the image of their home opt for a durable flooring with a unique image. In this sense, the imitation parquet ceramic floor is gaining a lot of strength. In fact, in several recent interior design projects, this has been the chosen floor. Why?

Resistant and visual

Parquet flooring, whether natural or laminate, is one of the most desired options by owners who come to our offices. That warm image and able to fit with any type of interior design make it highly sought after. However, sometimes a similar image pavement is requested, but it offers greater simplicity in its maintenance.

And this is where the imitation parquet ceramic floor appears. Like laminate flooring, we find a perfect and identical image without resorting to natural parquet. Like stoneware or hydraulic floors, their surface is smooth and can be cleaned quickly. It also offers the strength needed to stand intact over the years.

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In any stay

This type of flooring gains whole if we want to place it in rooms such as the kitchen or bathrooms. The idea is as simple as it is effective, to have the image of the parquet floor and the resistance of a ceramic floor. It is a floor resistant to stains and moisture, so it becomes a perfect choice for the rooms mentioned.

In this way the interior design of our home can also be much more homogeneous. That is, we can have the same floor both in spaces such as the livingroom and bedrooms and in the kitchen. In open kitchens it looks great. In addition to adapting to any type of decoration, the imitation parquet ceramic flooring also offers different finishes. Our range of possibilities allows you to choose between various finishes and wood colors.

Interior design in Barcelona

Commenting on its strengths there is no doubt that it is becoming one of the preferred options for those people who want to renew the image of their home. In Grupo Inventia we have an interior design department in Barcelona that will advise you personally and you will be able to see all the pavements we have.

We develop interior design and house renovation projects tailored to each client and deliver them at no cost or commitment. Our years of experience in the sector allow us to guarantee a unique result tailored to your needs. To request it you can call us on 93 209 97 17 or fill out the form we have available on our website.