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Interior design in Barcelona: the best selection of flooring and parquet

8 July, 2020 · Blog

The previous steps of each house renovation that we carry out in Grupo Inventia are treated in a personalized way. In them, our interior design department advises each owner on all aspects that will be carried out in the renovation of their home. After the first meetings, our interior designers present our catalogs of materials and finishes for each room. Among them are the pavements, of which we have a wide variety of types.

reforma de cocina

Having a team of experts in home interior design allows us to deliver accurate 3D renderings with each renovation project. They express what the new image of the property will be based on the tastes and needs expressed by each client. All this without involving any expense or commitment for those concerned.

As we have mentioned one of our offers for the new interior design of the home are the pavements. So let’s discuss some of the possibilities we offer in the interior design company Grupo Inventia. Each of them fits the needs of each space and we share a small selection in the following video.

Parquet floors

Whether for a complete home renovation or for a pavement change, parquet flooring is the most chosen. Its wood finishes can fit into any interior design and its image is able to create comfortable and warm environments. Ideal for a home. In Grupo Inventia we have a wide selection of parquets, both natural wood and laminate flooring.

The difference between the above lies in the price, although their performance is just as good. Our interior designers in Barcelona work according to the needs and budget of each owner and can offer the best option in both aspects. In addition, the supply of parquet floors has increased over the years, so they can be found with different wood designs and in different shades. Finding the floor that fits the interior design you want in your home will be very easy.

reforma integral

Kitchen and bathroom floors

With the rise of open kitchens, more and more owners are opting for a continuity of the pavement. That is, the parquet floor in the livingroom also extends to the kitchen. However, our interior design department in Barcelona also has specific floors for kitchens and bathrooms.

When choosing floors for rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms, we always think of resistant materials and easy-to-maintain surfaces. For this we have a great offer in stoneware and hydraulic floors, being able to adapt to any style of interior design.

reforma baño barcelona

On a practical level they are a great choice. They are spaces of daily use and that support all type of pressures. Having a smooth surface they are much easier to clean and maintain. Also the offer we offer in Grupo Inventia is of great quality and we guarantee the best result.

As for the most influential visual aspect in interior design, hydraulic floors become the best allies. This type of flooring will look great in any kitchen or bathroom. In addition to offering high performance in their use, the wide variety in designs and colors place them in a much sought after choice to renew the interior design.

reformas cocinas

Interior design company in Barcelona

As specialists in home renovation and interior design, at Grupo Inventia we offer you the best options for the new image and equipment of your home. We will translate all this into a project that you can request at no cost or commitment. To do so you can call 93 209 97 10 or write to us at One of our expert interior designers will contact you quickly.