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Interior design: modern living room furniture

26 October, 2023 · Blog

The decorative style of the home represents the way you are and expresses your personal tastes. For this reason, the interior design sector is responsible for offering a wide variety of options. The goal is that everyone can have the decoration they like. An important part of the interior design of your home is the furniture, both practical and decorative elements.

We will discuss various details to have modern living room furniture. They are framed within a contemporary interior design and in accordance with trends. Even so, they are durable in time and timeless due to their characteristics. As we said, a modern floor unites aesthetics and practicality in equal parts.

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Modern living room furniture is usually characterized by clean lines, minimalist designs and contemporary materials. We want to share an overview of some of the common elements you will find in modern living room furniture.

Sofa and coffee table

A leading element in a living room is the sofa. An armchair can also be attached to it, the comfort comes from them. In terms of design, modern sofas tend to have simple geometric shapes and straight lines. Common materials include leather, microfiber, and smooth fabrics in neutral colors or trendy tones.

When choosing a sofa or an armchair you need to think beyond the current moment. These are pieces of furniture in which you make an investment and it must be amortized. That is why it is advisable to opt for a sofa in neutral tones that fit in with different decorative styles. In this way it is simpler that you can renew the interior design of the house without changing the furniture.

Another element that cannot be missing in a modern living room is an auxiliary table. Modern coffee tables are often minimalist, with smooth surfaces and thin legs. Materials can vary from tempered glass to wood and metal. The goal is for you to have a surface to support the items you need. From drinks to mobile phones.

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TV stand and shelves

The main piece of furniture in a modern living room is usually multifunctional and adaptable to your needs. The most common thing is that they have a space for the television and all kinds of multimedia devices. They usually include built-in storage units. This way you can make the most of the space and store other useful products for your modern living room.

You can use shelves as auxiliary storage furniture. Floating shelves and wall shelves are common in modern living room design. They can be used to display decorative objects, books or music equipment. They work as an ideal complement and you can choose from a wide variety of shapes, finishes and colors.

Modern living room furniture can be of different finishes, although there are some styles with a more marked design. For example, a contemporary interior design accepts wood finishes very well. These are timeless living room furniture that help create a warm and pleasant space.

Textiles and colors

We dedicate a section to the accessories that your modern furniture will have. Neutral colors such as white, black, gray and beige are common in modern living room furniture design. Textiles are usually plain and of high quality, with the possibility of adding cushions and upholstery in striking colors to give a touch of contrast.

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In short, modern living room furniture tends to focus on functionality, simplicity and elegance. The designs are clean and clear, and the materials and colors are selected to create a contemporary and pleasant atmosphere.