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Key elements in the interior design of a contemporary bedroom

26 October, 2020 · Blog · Tags:

In the house renovation company Grupo Inventia we not only demolish walls and install equipment in kitchens and bathrooms. In addition, we have a department specializing in interior design for homes. Whether it’s a flat or a house, Grupo Inventia’s interior design team in Barcelona is ready to give each owner what they need.

In fact, the work of interior designers begins much earlier than any work. They are in charge of elaborating the plans and 3D renderings for each project of house renovations in Barcelona. Always based on the guidelines set by the property owners and advising in a personalized and tailored way to find the best solution to each requirement.

dormitorio contemporáneo

All the rooms are worked, including the bedrooms, of which we will point out some details for your interior design. In this case we are going to talk about one of the most requested styles the interior design of a contemporary bedroom. The advantages of using this decorative style are many and we will see them here.

Spacious and bright spaces

The main advantage of using a contemporary style interior design in the bedrooms is the overall stay. We find a type of interior design in which neutral tones are the protagonists. These are mainly expressed in the painting of the walls or the color of the new plinths and doors.

By using shades such as white, beige or soft shades of gray we make the room much brighter and generate a greater sense of visual breadth. With the contemporary interior design we make the most of both natural light from the outside and installed artificial light.

dormitorio decorar

All this translates into a very beneficial interior design in our bedroom. We understand this stay as a place to rest, whether to sleep or relax with our hobbies. The contemporary interior design only offers warm and very cozy spaces. In short, our bedroom will have the ideal atmosphere for rest.

Adaptable decoration

We are clear that the world of interior design is not based solely on the packaging of the room, in this case the bedroom. The decoration of the spaces of our house is something very important for us. In this way we can express our style and our tastes, being able to enjoy them in private and sharing it with visitors.

Here we have another advantage of contemporary interior design. When using neutral colors, any type of decoration can be adapted. If we prefer to get a more rustic image we can use wooden furniture to complete our bedroom in beige tones. If on the other hand we prefer something more modern using white and gray we can furnish and decorate our bedroom with metal finishes.


For the choice of the new pavement that completes the contemporary interior design we will also have it easy. As we have mentioned it is a very adaptable image and we will only have to decide if we prefer the warmth of a parquet floor or the personality of the ceramic and hydraulic floors.

Interior design company in Barcelona

Whether a house renovation, each work of Grupo Inventia will be accompanied by an interior design project. As we mentioned personalized and to the liking of the owners.

Our wide range of colors and finishes allows us to adapt to any style and budget. Always guaranteeing the best finishes with quality materials. To request information you can call us on 93 209 97 17 or fill out this form that you will find on the web.