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Key points for choosing shower screens

21 February, 2023 · Blog

One of the spaces that should always offer the best performance in a home is the bathroom. It is a space for daily use with key elements for the whole family. For this reason we try to have a functional bathroom that we can maintain easily. An element that makes it easier for us are the shower screens.

Screened showers are the most popular option for equipping modern bathrooms. The big reason is that they offer an elegant and functional solution to many of the drawbacks of traditional bathtubs or showers. For example, they generate greater security and also prevent splashes in the rest of the room.

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Based on these premises we want to share several reasons why a try shower with screen is an excellent option for the water area of our bathroom.

Security and cleaning

As we mentioned earlier, one of the most important features to consider when choosing a shower is safety. With a shower screen, the risk of slipping can be significantly reduced. Best of all, it offers easy access and we can stand on a flat, non-slip surface. Thanks to this, we avoid the act of entering the bathtub and stepping on a wet and slippery surface.

In fact, the majority of bathtub-to-shower changes are motivated by the desire to have greater security in the bathroom. This is also a detail that is especially important for the little ones in the house and also for our older ones. In both cases, any precaution is welcome, as they run a greater risk of slipping.

As for the practical level, the screens can help keep the bathroom clean and hygienic. Without a shower screen, it inevitably splashes on the floor and other surfaces in the bathroom. This continued action can lead to creating disorder and even spreading germs. With a partition, the water is contained within the shower area, which makes it easier for us to keep the bathroom clean and hygienic.

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Design and functionality

Screens also offer aesthetic benefits to our bathroom, as they can make your shower look more elegant and modern. In addition, the market offers us great availability and a great variety of materials, styles and colors. For example, we can opt for fixed shower screens or sliding door screens, among other models.

Another benefit of shower screens can even provide savings, as they can help conserve water. Showers are currently manufactured that have water-saving technology. In this sense, they have installed flow regulators and low-flow heads, which can significantly reduce water consumption.

If we add the corresponding partition to it, we can make sure that all the water stays inside the shower area. It is a practice that helps to reduce waste. In the same way, the shower screens also contribute to making our bathing time more efficient. By keeping the water contained, you can enjoy a pleasant and more efficient shower experience, since all the water is directed towards our body.

Benefits of the shower screen

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With these premises we can say that shower screens offer great benefits in the functionality of our bathroom. From greater safety and hygiene to a more elegant and efficient shower experience. If you are looking for an easy way to improve your bathroom, a shower screen could be the perfect solution.