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Kitchen renovation on Avinguda Diagonal in Barcelona

We have recently completed a renovation work in Barcelona. Specifically, we have been responsible for completely renovating a duplex apartment located on Avinguda Diagonal. Within this project we have also been responsible for a complete kitchen renovation. Given the general finishes of this renovation in Avinguda Diagonal we will present the result of this kitchen renovation.

In Grupo Inventia we have a department specialized in kitchens. One of the most important spaces in a home and it needs to offer the best benefits. For these reasons we have specialized in kitchen renovations. We have a wide variety of options for your new kitchen. We can adapt to all styles and budgets, always offering the best qualities on the market.

In the following video you can see the finishes of this new kitchen renovation in Barcelona. A functional and well-distributed space with a modern image and complete equipment. To find out about other work you can do, follow us on our social networks. We update them daily with the projects we finish both in Barcelona and in its vicinity.

Kitchen design

Now this kitchen is of open concept and its image is presented according to the new interior design of the whole house. In this case it has been worked on the basis of a contemporary interior design and current image. Neutral tones occupy most of the floor, achieving very bright and visually spacious spaces.

In this way the kitchen has a new white furniture. Both the furniture and the countertops or walls are presented in this color. In addition to fitting with the image of the attached rooms, the kitchen area is very bright and spacious. The new pavement also contributes to this. In this case, the parquet floor that has been installed in the rest of the house has been maintained.

It is a synthetic material that comes with these wood finishes. In this way a homogeneity can be maintained in the pavement of the whole house with a surface suitable for all rooms. In this case it is a resistant and durable floor that offers the best features in a kitchen.

New distribution and equipment

As we have mentioned it has gone from a closed kitchen to an open kitchen. Following the renovation work, a better distributed and much more functional space has been achieved. On the right side has been placed the main kitchen cabinet which is L-shaped. It has two countertops that provide a large support and work surface. Both the hob and the sink have been installed on them.

Another advantage of the new kitchen furniture is that it has storage capacity in both its lower and upper area. A kitchen bar has been placed on the left side. In addition to expanding the support surface it is presented as a perfect area for breakfasts or relaxed meals.

At the heart of this kitchen renovation are the new appliances. Another piece of kitchen furniture has a fridge, oven and microwave. In addition to the classics and essentials in a kitchen, a wine bar has also been installed. In this kitchen a space has also been enabled to hang a television.

Specialists in kitchen renovation

In general, a kitchen renovation has been achieved that meets current expectations and needs. It offers perfect mobility for everyday tasks and has complete equipment with modern appliances. Now this kitchen guarantees the best features and high functionality in its use.

Our professionals have been able to translate into reality the needs of the owners of this home on Avinguda Diagonal in Barcelona. Thanks to our experience in kitchen renovations and our extensive catalog of options we can adapt to all needs and spaces.

To request your kitchen renovation budget you can call us at 93 209 97 17. We will prepare it and deliver it to you at no cost or commitment. Our professionals in interior design and renovations will advise you personally at all times.

House renovation and interior design

In addition to taking care of this kitchen renovation, we have also applied more improvements to this home in Barcelona. The image of all the rooms of the house has been rejuvenated, including the main livingroom and all the bedrooms. In the bathroom located on the top floor, its interior design and sanitary equipment have also been renewed.

So that you can get a better idea of the changes that have taken place, we share the following video. In this one we compare the before and after of this renovation, including the change realized in the kitchen and that we have related point by point.