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Kitchen renovation on Mare de Déu de Montserrat street in Barcelona

At Grupo Inventia we are specialists in both total and partial housing renovations. Precisely one of our recent works is from the second group, as we have completed a kitchen renovation. It is located in a house located on the Mare de Déu de Montserrat street in Barcelona. Our team has worked on interior design and installation improvements.

Before reviewing the improvements made in this kitchen renovation in Barcelona we share a video to see the general finishes. At Grupo Inventia we work with a wide variety of options and we adapt to all your needs. You can choose between furniture and appliances of all kinds for your kitchen renovation.

Distribution and kitchen equipment

It is an open concept kitchen renovation, although it is part of its own defined space. The distribution of this kitchen is L-shaped, the best to achieve adequate mobility and offer functionality in its use. Before entering the kitchen space itself, a kitchen bar has been placed anchored to the wall.

The first section of worktop is elongated and offers a large support and work surface. It has also been equipped with a three-burner hob and an oven integrated in its lower area. The worktop turns to the left and gives way to a second section. The sink has been placed just around the corner, freeing up space on the countertop.

Another improvement in this kitchen renovation is that storage capacity has been expanded. There are cabinets and drawers in both the lower and upper areas of the countertops. The second section has integrated the washing machine at the bottom and the microwave at the top. For its part, the refrigerator has been integrated into a kitchen cabinet right next to the entrance.

Kitchen interior design

In addition to the new equipment in this kitchen renovation in Barcelona, its entire interior design has also been renewed. The end result is a very pleasant, bright space that generates a feeling of spaciousness. Both the drawers and the cabinets are white and are combined with wooden worktops.

The walls have been tiled with white tiles that bring a very modern image to the kitchen. For the new kitchen floor, a hydraulic type floor has been chosen with different blue designs. In general, we have carried out a functional kitchen renovation with equipment ready to offer the best features.

Kitchen renovation in Barcelona

Our professionals specialized in kitchen renovations will advise you personally so that you can get the finishes and appliances you need. You can request your renovation quote by calling 93 209 97 17 or filling out this contact form.