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Made a kitchen renovation and save energy

26 June, 2019 · Blog

reforma tu cocina y ahorra energia

Any renovation can occur at first glance as an expense, but if we do things right, it can be transformed into an opportunity, an investment to save energy at home, and, on the way, in our bill of light. In this article we explain how to save electricity on your kitchen renovation.

What is the best energy tariff?

To save energy and money on the bill of light it is very important to choose the right rate that best suits us and the cheapest company. At this point, many people ask the following: Iberdrola or Endesa: which is better? The reality is that there is no better light rate for everyone, since each person has a way of consuming and different needs, so it is difficult to know which one is best between Iberdrola and Endesa. One of the most interesting energy plans is the hourly discrimination, since if you can concentrate part of our consumption during the most economic periods, these are, during periods of night, we can obtain tangible economic savings on our invoices. Among the rates of Endesa or Iberdrola are these discrimination plans. In addition they are also offered by EDP or Naturgy. There are many companies to choose from.

Changing rates is easy and can be done easily by phone. But if you prefer to do it in person, companies like Iberdrola or Endesa in Barcelona have commercial offices. Its agents are part of the customer service that Endesa or Iberdrola offer in Barcelona and other cities spread throughout the Spanish geography.

Energy categories

A good way to save energy by taking advantage of the reform of our kitchen is choosing electric appliances that are energy efficient. But what does that mean? Energy efficiency in household appliances is the ability of an appliance, such as a refrigerator or oven, to perform all its functions in the most satisfactory way and consuming as little energy as possible. This means that the less energy consumes an appliance, the more efficient it will be.

To find out if an appliance is efficient, we can look at the information label of any appliance that has been manufactured in recent years, as it is mandatory throughout the European Union. This label with letters and colors contains information about the level of energy efficiency of the appliance. The colors range from green (good efficiency) to red (little or better) and the letters range from A to D, being the highest in addition, the energy efficiency of class A has Three differentiated types, A +, A ++ and A +++.

In this way, you can make a classification of greater to lower energy efficiency, resulting in the following way:

  • Appliances with very efficient consumption: A +, A ++ and A +++.
  • Appliances with reduced consumption: B and A.
  • Appliances with low consumption: D and C.

It is not enough to know the consumption of each letter, but we also need to know how to interpret them, because in this way we can know if we will spend more or less on our bill of light. The name of the brand appears on the top of the label, the efficiency scale is shown in the intermediate part and in the lower part we can see some icons with the characteristics of the product, which may vary depending on the type of appliance . These pictograms can describe in detail the characteristics of the appliance. For example, it can tell us how much capacity a refrigerator has, what is its cooling power or the level of noise it produces.

Want to know more about energy efficiency? We recommend this article so that you can continue to deepen the theme and start saving on the bill of light.