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Kitchen renovations in Barcelona: before and after

Our home renovation services are varied and we offer several options to renovate your home. From renovations of the whole house to improvements of specific spaces. In this second option, kitchen renovations stand out. It is an important area of ​​the home that must offer the best performance.

One of the kitchen renovations that we have recently finished takes us to the town of Sant Just Desvern. The owners of the building needed to improve the image and equipment of their kitchen. At Grupo Inventia we are responsible for preparing a tailor-made project and carrying out the kitchen renovation.

To see the changes we have made in this kitchen, we compare the before and after. It has gone from a somewhat outdated space to a modern and fully equipped kitchen. We share the result in the following video. To learn more about completed projects, follow us on social networks.

New appliances

The kitchen is in its same location and maintains a two-front kitchen layout. Given the characteristics of the space, it is the most functional arrangement and the one that allows much more effective mobility. Now each appliance is located in the indicated place to facilitate its use.

The new electrometrics are grouped in the same space and integrated into the same kitchen furniture. Unlike the original state in which they were more distributed and independent like the refrigerator or the microwave. On the far left we find the new oven and microwave. Right in front, on the far right, there is a custom-made hole to integrate the refrigerator.

Then, on both fronts of the kitchen, a worktop is born. The one on the right side is intended for support and work surface. A glass-ceramic plate and a single-bowl sink have been installed on the worktop on the left. In addition, it has storage capacity in the kitchen both in the lower and upper part.

In this way, the kitchen guarantees large organizational spaces for all types of kitchen products. The lower part, the dishwasher has also been integrated, an appliance that was also in the original kitchen. Thanks to this new distribution, more space has been created in the kitchen.

Kitchen design

Another aspect that has been improved in this kitchen renovation in Sant Just is the interior image. Our interior designers have been responsible for personally advising the owners. In this way we have been able to perfectly establish the relationship between personal taste and modernity.

In practical terms, one of the first changes is the kitchen access door. It has gone from being a normal hinged door to a practical white sliding door. Thanks to it, it is possible to make the most of the space available in the kitchen and start the furniture right on the first section of wall.

The image of the kitchen has gone from having a piece of furniture finished in wood to a piece of furniture in gray. The panels are not stretched and a much more linear and homogeneous image is generated. The gray kitchen furniture is combined with elegant black worktops, a big change compared to the original imitation marble worktops.

The floor maintains the beige shade, although it has been replaced. The original tiles have been removed to install a smooth ceramic floor. Now the entire kitchen is presented in a unified and meaningful image. Every aspect of this kitchen renovation has been covered and has been renewed achieving greater potential.

Kitchen renovation budget

At Grupo Inventia we are responsible for carrying out the kitchen renovation of your home. Call us at 93 209 97 17 and request your estimate. We will prepare it and deliver it to you in a few days without any commitment.