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Make a small office at home

15 May, 2023 · Blog

In recent years, many companies have chosen to introduce teleworking in the tasks of many of their employees. Contrary to what it might seem at first, teleworking is not the same as having to work at home. While the second is a specific action, remote work requires a special space for it.

For this reason, dedicating an office space at home is common in many homes. The key idea is to generate an exclusive area for work. This way it can be differentiated from the areas dedicated to being with the family or receiving visitors. If you work remotely, dedicating a work area at home will help us mentally.

despacho en casa

Since this situation can be understood as unexpected, we want to propose tips to create a small office at home. An area intended to carry out our work efficiently and that is located in a functional space. In addition to being able to work remotely more comfortably, we will keep the rest of our home intact.

Quiet space

The first step to get our small office at home is to find a private place that guarantees tranquility. Work tasks require maximum concentration and this is one of the key points for a home office. This can be achieved both in an independent room and in a corner with the aforementioned characteristics.

It is highly recommended that it has as much natural light as possible. Although at certain moments we have to use lamps, sunlight creates a cooler and more welcoming atmosphere. In the same way, the space chosen to make our home office must have enough space to be able to place the necessary furniture.

despacho pequeño en casa

Small office furniture

One of the essential pieces of furniture in a small home office is the desk. A sufficiently wide surface to be able to support our personal computer or all types of documents. In a work space, order is very important and having a large surface will make the working day much easier.

When dealing with a permanent home workspace, we must have storage capacity. The objective of creating an office is to be able to keep our work utensils organized. For this, storage modules are essential and are valid from drawers to shelves.

For example, in addition to the main desk and other necessary pieces of furniture, we can include floating shelves. They are an excellent option for organizing folders with documents or other work tools. In addition to their practical function, they also contribute to not losing visual space in our home office.

Own space

As we mentioned above, lighting is a very important aspect for a work area. As we have pointed out, it is highly recommended to make the most of natural light. Evidently there will be moments when we need extra light support and we must be prepared.

despacho con luz natural

Currently, the lamp market offers us excellent options to illuminate small spaces. For example, flexos that can move to different points depending on our needs. In fact, it is an element that we can group in the decoration of a small office at home.

With these key points you can adapt a space in your home and turn it into a home office. Thanks to this, you will have a quiet area to carry out your working day and also adapt it to carry out other hobbies.