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Mediterranean design

20 January, 2015 · Blog · Tags:

Although time will send cold and occasional rain, from the Grupo Inventia interior design we would speak of a decorative style that conveys the opposite. With you brighten your home in the cold winter evenings, or why not start having ideas of decoration for the summer. As you might have guessed, this post will be dedicated to discuss some of the key ideas of Mediterranean design.

The main plus point of this decorative style that is used by both in coastal areas and in the interior, as it conveys a feeling fresh and clean while pure transports us to places without having to leave home. Focusing on common areas of our home, here are some tips to get a true Mediterranean design.

Living room: light and neutral colors

Undoubtedly, the living room is the room where most socialize, either with their own family members or visitors. Therefore, this should be an enjoyable and we release any tension. With a Mediterranean design will be easy.

To begin, we need to maximize the natural light that comes from the outside, as this will help to create the feeling of harmony discussed. To do this, you need curtains are very clear tones, white or blue are perfect, and the paint on the walls accompany. In the Mediterranean design the best option is to paint the walls white. With this tonality, in addition to achieving the freshness characteristic of Mediterranean design also get a greater sense of spaciousness in the room.

This applies to other rooms in the home, including the bathroom, the bedroom or entrance hall.

Furniture and flooring

As for the furniture, the wood will be our best ally for a good Mediterranean design. For example, in the living room can put a table for several diners of this material. In addition to being resistant to the wood provide a very fresh and Mediterranean sensation, just what you want to achieve. It is also available in some of the most common area of the house a library timber, as otorgarà personality.

We have several options for flooring. We opted for tiles colored either white or cream or gray stone paving. With the latter, the combination of colors and materials will be perfect for a perfect Mediterranean design.

Grupo Inventia interiorism

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