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Minimalist style; features and decoration

6 May, 2014 · Blog · Tags:

In the world of decoration and interior design are various types of decorative styles from which to choose, because it depends on the tastes of each person’s way of being. But if there is one that stands out for its simplicity and efficiency, this is the minimalist style.

The minimalist style, or minimalism, it is a simple and modern style, ideal places to get very relaxing at home. Although a decorative style accessible to anyone, usually used in people ordered and serious, looking at your home looks serene and calm. In addition, the minimalist style is a kind of decoration in which the base is the order and simplicity, so no need to look like large beads needed. In addition, minimalism should respect the order.

As mentioned above, the minimalist style fits any home: families with children, singles, couples… everyone can enjoy this decoration.

The color in the minimalist style

Like any decorative style, minimalism also has its own guidelines for choosing the colors that cover the walls and other elements. In this case, the minimalist commitment to neutral colors like white, gray or black. These are colors that convey just what you want minimalism, tranquility and relaxation. In addition, the use of white achieved another important aspect of the minimalist style, the spaces get larger and illuminated.

Although the above are the colors that have more prominence in the minimalist style, the other uses tones to create a warm stay in the desired. Therefore, the colors shown are beige and brown.

At the same time, the minimalist style can also have an accent color. This refers to decorative objects, which should not be too much furniture or accessories such as sofa cushions and tablecloths can own a color that contrasts with the atmosphere of calm generated by neutral tones.

Therefore, the lighting is very important in the minimalist style. In this case, it is best to make maximum use of natural light as it fit perfectly with the environment. If you do not have the ideal exterior orientation, it is advisable to use the direct light from the ceiling, so convenient, discreet and functional.

Minimalist furniture

In this section, minimalism lives up to its name. In a minimalist decor, the furniture is simple and straight lines, with the particularity that the parts that comprise it will be wider than high. A home minimalist furniture will not have many, but there will be quality and durable.

Decor simple minimalist style

Minimalism is a decorative style that strengthens the decorative elements, but rather the opposite. The less the better. The decorative items are usually minimalist in style rugs, tapestries and works of modern art, simple objects that do not affect the climate of order and relaxation to be achieved.

Decorative styles are available to everyone, but it is advisable to get in the hands of a professional. The company Grupo Inventia Barcelona has a department of interior design that will guide the process and experts in all kinds of decorations, including the minimalist style.