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Modern interior design with bevelled tiles

24 April, 2023 · Blog

The world of interior design and decoration is in constant motion. It is a sector in which novelties appear every day. There are also trends that recover elements that seemed forgotten and that return with great force. One of them could be the beveled tile.

azulejo biselado

A few years ago, the tiles lost their strength compared to the painted walls. Innovations in the painting sector have allowed it to be used in spaces that seemed impossible. In this way, the azulejo and tiles became a somewhat outdated option. When it comes to house renovation, opt for plastic and humidity-resistant paints.

However, wall tiling has been reinvented and bevelled tiles are one of the main protagonists. They offer practicality and decoration in equal parts and today they are a type of tile that exudes modernity. When it comes to tiling a bathroom or a kitchen, subway-type bevelled tiles are always a good option.

Where to place bevelled tiles

Beveled tiles are an excellent option for bathrooms and kitchens. Their great advantages are that they are durable, easy to clean and easy to maintain. Thanks to its characteristic shape with the raised edge, it is also useful to prevent damage caused by water. The shape of the beveled tile prevents the appearance of mold, among other problems.

For the bathroom, a classic white beveled tile guarantees a bright and spacious space. If we want to place them in our toilet space, we have several options. On the one hand, the walls can be completely tiled or tiled at half height. In this second option we can introduce other shades using special paint for bathrooms.

azulejo biselado baño

Beveled metro tiles also take a lot of presence in contemporary design kitchens. Placing it on the wall of the countertop guarantees easy cleaning and a very modern image. In addition, it is very easy to combine with other elements such as furniture or flooring.

Although not usually so frequent, the beveled tile can also be used in living rooms and hallways. In these spaces of the home it is able to enhance the feeling of depth and provide a totally different image with a lot of personality.

Modern design

As we have seen, bevelled tiles can be used in different spaces and their presence is a guarantee of success. To the functional part that we have described we can add the decorative aspect. As in other elements of the sector, the market does not offer a wide variety of ceramic tile finishes.

In this sense, subway tile is an excellent way to add texture and dimension to any room in our home. Unlike the flat tiles, the slightly raised edge of the beveled tiles provides a unique appearance. Currently, they can be combined wonderfully with other elements, since we can choose from a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

Azulejo negro cocina

At a decorative level, they are a very versatile and functional option. Different colors can also be combined on the same wall. While a base with white tiles can be applied, we can place a line of color at mid-height. In spaces such as the bathroom, these combinations create a feeling of height and depth.

Place the bevelled tiles

At the time of installation, beveled tiles are easy to install and we only need basic elements such as a trowel and specific cement. The design of the pattern must be preset and we must use a level to make sure the tiles are well glued and aligned.

With the passage of time we will surely need to review the joints of the azulejos. As perfect as they are, they are small works that emerge over time. When the day comes, it will be as simple as applying a sealant and making sure that the joints between the tiles are perfectly sealed so that the water does not leak.

Beveled tiles are an excellent option both in terms of practicality and image. Thanks to the varied offer, we will be able to adapt them to our style and achieve a design with much vitality.