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Modern kitchen types

8 August, 2023 · Blog

If we look for one of the most important spaces in a house, all roads lead us to the kitchen. A daily use area where we prepare our meals and even socialize with both family and visitors. A kitchen in good condition is synonymous with a cozy home that offers the best services.

Given its importance, the kitchen is also a space that needs to be updated over time, either by image or by wear and tear. Kitchens can be updated through current trends, both in terms of image and equipment. For this reason we will comment on the types of modern kitchens.

cocina moderna

By a modern kitchen we mean this space equipped with everything necessary to offer the same services. Good equipment installed in the design that best suits the tastes of the owners. In other words, there are several styles of modern kitchens and thanks to the offer on the market we can get the one we like best.

Modern vintage kitchens

A trend that is here to stay is the vintage aesthetic or decorative retro style. This is an interior design that can be applied to any space in our home, including the kitchen. Several specialist manufacturers have been responsible for producing furniture and appliances to achieve authentic modern vintage kitchens.

The idea is very desirable, as you can combine the aesthetics of the 70s, 80s or 90s while enjoying functional appliances. Given the demand for the modern retro kitchen, you can sense that it is a decorative trend that will last for many years. This type of decorative style works very well in separate kitchens, as you can use other designs in different rooms.

As a star appliance in modern vintage kitchens we have to mention refrigerators. If other elements must keep an aesthetic more adapted to current security measures, the refrigerators have free rein. In different shapes, sizes and colours, retro fridges are a trend and very popular.

cocina vintage moderna

Rustic modern kitchen

We have already mentioned that there are different styles of modern kitchens. If you like a more traditional style and in line with the vintage concept, there are also options. One of the most beautiful and in demand is the modern kitchen with a rustic touch. This is an option where the furniture with wood finishes are the protagonists and integrate with the rest of the elements.

The rustic kitchen evokes a relaxed image and more connected to nature. In the same way as the previous case, it manages to unite it with the functionality required in a kitchen today. The market has a taste for adapting the rustic style to modernity and has been responsible for providing a wide range of options. As it is a more neutral decorative style, it works in both independent kitchens and open kitchens.

Rustic finishes can easily be combined with contemporary interior design, among others. In this way, the wooden finishes of a rustic modern kitchen are perfectly integrated in colors such as white or beige.

cocina rustica moderna

Modern kitchens

Having a modern and functional kitchen is very simple, go to professionals who can advise you. The market is full of options and you will surely be able to get the kitchen of your dreams. We have analyzed two types of modern kitchens to show several ideas and tips to be able to achieve it.