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Natural light at home

7 May, 2018 · Blog

With the arrival of the good weather we will gain quality of life and also our house will be benefited. We will pass from the cool to the pleasant breeze, in addition to hours of natural light and having to use less shelter elements to be comfortable in our home. That’s why we have to change the chip and adapt our rooms to a new climate that will bring a lot of life and freedom.

Less textiles

Needless to say, in cold seasons, blankets and other shelves are very present in the rooms of our house. Whether in the room or in our bedroom, we will always have something to cover ourselves to temper. However, we are approaching these days when this type of shelter is not necessary, since if we used it, we would even go wrong. Of course, we can not withdraw without more, but we have to replace them with other items in accordance with the good weather that is seen.

In this case, we refer to the covers of the couch or armchairs and to the bedspread. Although we do not need so much shelter, if we have to place a thinner, lighter cover to maintain the visual appearance and our decorative style in the room.

No barriers

Focusing on natural light, it is time to remove any type of window curtain. You may not need to use such a drastic method, but replace them with fine curtains and with a zero opacity level, since we should not miss a sunbeam.

At the same time that we will have some rooms more enlightened and in which it will breathe a pleasant atmosphere, we will also save electricity.

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