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New bathroom: change the bathtub for a shower

3 September, 2021 · Blog · Tags: ,

In the house renovations company Grupo Inventia we have the best professionals for each space of the home. Thanks to this we can offer the best and ideas and proposals for all types of renovations. From a complete total to partial renovations such as the kitchen or bathroom.

Precisely we will talk about one of the most requested demands in this last stay. In most bathroom renovations customers ask us to change the bathtub for a shower. Without a doubt, this is one of the jobs we do most in all our projects. It is true that it is not always given and in some cases the space of the original bathtub is maintained.

reforma integral de baño

However, the functionality that the shower brings to a bathroom is a big plus for the change to be requested. In general it is a simple maneuver and more in the whole of a complete bathroom renovation. Still there are previous steps that you must know so that the result is perfect and no problems arise once the change of bathtub for shower.

First steps of change

As we have mentioned changing the bathtub for a shower is not an extremely complicated task. Even so, we must be sure that the professionals hired will act in accordance with the protocol. The experience of Grupo Inventia workers is impeccable and today it places us as a leading company in the reform sector.

To make this change, the bathtub must first be removed. This work can lead to the removal of much of the tile from the bathroom. Hence, if the change from bathtub to shower is made within a complete refurbishment of the room, it will be much more bearable. Once the original bathtub is removed, it is very important to let it breathe for about 24 hours.

In this way it is ensured that all the existing humidity disappears and it is possible to proceed to the change of bathtub by shower with total tranquility. These types of protocols are treated with the utmost respect by our operators. A bathroom renovation involves an investment of which we are aware and our goal is for the result to be lasting and in line with the needs of each client.

Types of showers and enclosures

Today the bathroom sanitary ware market offers us a wide variety of options for a new shower. The choice of shower tray responds to the style requested by the owners of the property and also to the possibilities offered by the stay. Grupo Inventia is a versatile company and adapts to the needs expressed by customers. In the same way that thanks to the experience of our professionals we always offer the best options.

cuarto baño reforma

Currently, floor-level showers are one of the most requested. Its fine and discreet finish fits the vast majority of decorative styles. They also subtly delimit the space of the water area, a feature that is very appreciated visually. In the same way you can choose its color and texture. Our catalog is very wide and varied, from the classic white color to a black slate imitation shower.

The change of bathtub for a shower is taking shape. Once the shower tray has been chosen, its enclosures must also be chosen. Although with the bath we could opt for a waterproof curtain with the shower we must opt for a shower screen. In this aspect the market also gives us a wide variety of options. It will depend on our taste and needs to opt for a sliding door screen, the most chosen, or a static screen.

Visual improvements in the bathroom

In addition to the practical and functional aspect of changing a bathtub for a shower, it also generates visual improvements in the bathroom. Most notable is that more visual space is generated, as you get a greater sense of depth than with a bathtub. This plot will also be influenced by the new interior design for the bathroom.

For our bathroom renovations we find that contemporary interior design is the most chosen by customers who come to our company. A decorative style of modern image and able to generate a very pleasant atmosphere. Neutral tones that generate brightness and visual breadth are the main protagonists.

Change bathtub for a shower

As we have stated changing a bathtub for a shower is a task that is the order of the day in a bathroom renovation. At Grupo Inventia we offer you a personalized project tailored to your needs. We also provide advice to our interior design and renovation professionals throughout the project. To request your quote call us on 93 209 97 17. We will deliver it to you without any commitment.