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New interior design project in Barcelona

We continue to complete renovation and interior design projects in Barcelona and the surrounding area. This time we have not moved from the city and we have renovated an apartment located on Padilla Street. It has been an improvement project in image and facilities. We also changed the doors, windows and pavement.

Our interior designers in Barcelona have been responsible for laying the foundations for a new contemporary style interior design. Now this house has a much more modern image and in line with current needs. Thanks to the new interior design that we have applied, very bright spaces with a welcoming atmosphere have been generated.

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Painting work

One of the first steps in this interior design project in Barcelona has been to establish the new interior design. To do this we have worked based on the tastes and needs of the owners. At Grupo Inventia we make tailor-made projects and offer the best options for the novelties you want to implement in your home.

The walls have been painted white to achieve a contemporary and homogeneous image throughout the house. Opting for the white color allows light to circulate throughout the floor smoothly and enhances the feeling of light. It is also a color that accepts all types of decorations and furniture.

New doors and windows

Another aspect improved in this interior design project in Barcelona is the change of doors and windows. Both elements enhance the new modern image of the home and adapt to the contemporary style that has been applied. For both doors and windows we have several options in our catalog. Our professionals are in charge of placing those doors that you like best.

White doors have been chosen for access to the different rooms on this floor. This follows the decorative line of the rest of the house and combines with the new color of the walls. Smooth white doors and white doors with horizontal lines have been placed. In both cases they are opened with metallic finish handles.

On the other hand, the windows have all been changed. Aluminum and double glazed windows have been installed. In this sense it is the most recommended option, since the advantages provided are excellent. With this type of windows you can ensure a very correct acoustic and thermal insulation. In addition, some are hinged windows to allow perfect ventilation.

Floor change

In this interior design project in Barcelona we have also been responsible for changing the pavement of the entire house. One of our characteristics as an interior design company is to have an extensive catalog of pavements. In this way we can adapt to all types of requirements.

In areas such as the living room, bedrooms and hallway, a parquet floor in natural wood tones has been chosen. It has a soft finish that fits very well in the set of contemporary style. In addition to ensuring perfect stability, it also helps to generate warmth and enhance a home environment.

Interior design in Barcelona

In addition to renovations, we also take care of interior design projects in and around Barcelona. Contact us by calling 93 209 97 17 and we will inform you of our services without obligation. You can also request your quote and we will deliver it to you in less than a week.