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New renovation in Barcelona: Bassegoda street

A new work of renovation in Barcelona takes us to Bassegoda street. We have not been in charge of improving both the interior image of the home and the equipment. In addition, we have also delivered it furnished. It is a house renovation ready to be enjoyed from day one.

The finishes of this projecto of renovation in Barcelona can be seen in the following video. It is a total conversion, including the creation and redistribution of stays. You can follow us on social networks to learn more about completed and ongoing comprehensive reform projects. We update daily with our own and real content.

Open kitchen

The kitchen is newly created and is open to other areas of the flat. In this way, areas such as the living room and the dining room are fluidly connected to the kitchen. It is a linear kitchen that has storage capacity at the bottom and top. We have precisely used this location to place the oven and microwave respectively.

We have placed the fridge at the far left and it is camouflaged by the kitchen cupboard doors. For the furniture we have chosen the color white, an ideal tone to enhance the brightness. In this way, a greater sense of visual breadth is also generated. It is combined with a wooden finish worktop that is equipped with a glass ceramic hob and a sink.

It is a fully equipped kitchen that offers practical and functional use. In addition, we have also integrated a dishwasher in the lower part of the kitchen cabinet. As a complement to this kitchen renovation, right in front is the dining area. We furnished it with a round table and four chairs.

Modern design

Another improvement implemented in this renovation in Barcelona is the new image of the house. This time we worked to enhance the width and brightness. These are ideal features for everyday use in a home. To achieve this we have chosen a contemporary interior design with neutral tones.

We have painted the walls in a very pleasant soft beige tone. This shade creates a nice contrast with the new white doors and frames. We opted for this interior design both in the common areas and in the bedrooms. The latter are fully furnished. They have a bed, a wardrobe and a work area.

We have also taken care of laying the new flooring on the entire surface of the floor. For the common areas such as the dining room or the living room, we have installed a hydraulic type floor. It fits very well with the contemporary design and gives it personality. For the bedrooms we have chosen a wooden imitation ceramic floor. It is a resistant floor that contributes to generating warmth in the room.

Functional bathrooms

Now the bathrooms on this floor have everything necessary to offer the best services. Regarding the sanitary equipment, we have installed a sink with storage furniture, a toilet and a shower tray. In turn, in the main bathroom there is space to place the washing machine.

In these bathroom renovations we have also improved the interior design. We tiled the walls at mid-height with white meter-type tiles. We painted the rest of the wall up to the ceiling in the same color. Thanks to these details, the bathrooms are very bright. For the pavement we have chosen the same hydraulic floor as in the general areas. In this way, a continuous image is generated over the entire surface of the house.

Renovation budget in Barcelona

If you want to renovate your home and are looking for the right professionals, call us on 93 209 97 17. We prepare a tailor-made renovation budget and deliver it to you without obligation.