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House renovation and furniture in Barcelona

In Grupo Inventia recently we completed a new work for house renovation in Barcelona, specifically in Còrsega street. After its completion, the owners of the property because they trust us do the furniture project in all rooms.

As you can see in the video that we share and the images at the end of the post, they could choose the best, as the result of this project of house renovation and furniture in Barcelona has been successful.

Livingroom and kitchen

In this case it was an open space containing two rooms above. In the livingroom is a sofa had several places, the perfect place to relax and unwind from the day. Just ahead stood a table for several diners, turning this area into the diningroom.

The kitchen is separated from the livingroom by a bar kitchen. This stools were set and achieved a perfect place to perform daily intake more easily. In addition, in the kitchen they have all the necessary elements to provide the best performance.

Bedrooms and bathrooms

All bedrooms had perfect design when we finished the projet of house renovation and forniture, we instaled all things. In each of them was placed a comfortable bed, a custom closet and a workspace. The results have been very well prepared rooms for relaxation.

Meanwhile, the bathrooms looked as spectacular after the rehabilitation work, however, this project of house renovation and furniture in Barcelona there was also a place to put bathroom utensils and textiles in both bathrooms which has the property.

House renovation and furniture

In Grupo Inventia find suitable professionals for your project of house renovation and furniture in Barcelona is a success.