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House renovation in Breda Street

Recently we gave concluded the house renovation that we was made in Breda Street of Barcelona. It was a total renovation and in rooms like the livingroom and bedrooms were able to create spaces with a sense of spaciousness and light.

In this video we present the general finish of this new house renovation of Grupo invention.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen occupies its own space and is accessed through a sliding door, which is hidden when it is fully open. For the arrangement of new elements was used as a distribution L. On the right stood the first section of countertop, equipped with a cooker hob five. The countertop twists left and leads to a second section that, in addition to offering a wide support surface and work features the sink.

On the left side of this kitchen renovation was to place a bar furniture in which were embedded the new appliances: fridge, oven and microwave. In addition, this achieves more storage capacity in the room.

Bathrooms renovations

The main bathroom of this house is fully equipped with a sink with cupboard, toilet and bath. As for the interior design, the walls were tiled halfway beige tiled and painted the rest white. The tiled walls of the bath is tiled dark, while the bottom of the bathtub is tile mosaic type.

Meanwhile, the bedroom suite also has a bathroom equipped with sink, toilet and shower. In the interior design emphasizes the separation of the shower, which is glass blocks. In turn, the walls were tiled with tiles brown, giving it a warmer environment to stay.

House renovation in Barcelona

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