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House renovation in Huelva street of Barcelona

Grupo Inventia have completed the house renovation that we were doing in Huelva street of Barcelona. In this new renovation work we improve the interior design of the house, printing a more contemporary style, and in turn the equipment rooms such as the kitchen and bathrooms.

After the overhaul, as seen in the next video, the apartment boasts a light and airy rooms that create cozy spaces, perfect for live.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen occupies a rectangular surface and it was distributed in two fronts. On the right stood the countertop that, in addition to providing extensive support and work surface is equipped with a single sink and a hob. In addition, in this part are located drawers and closets for storage.

On the left side are placed a kitchen cabinet, with wood finishing, where they have gaps tailored for embedded appliances. Specifically, an oven, a microwave and a refrigerator.

Bathrooms renovation

The walls of the main bathroom was completely tiled with beige tiles, like floor tiles. The room was equipped with a sink with drawers, a toilet and a shower.

Meanwhile, in the toilet also opted for tiled the walls with beige tiles and equipped with a sink and a toilet. It is a stay which perfectly complements the main bathroom.

House renovation in Barcelona

Grupo Inventia advise from day to your house renovation look as you want. We offer the possibility to request your quote, you’ll be given free of charge.