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House renovation in Barcelona: Còrsega street

In Grupo Inventia we recently concluded a house renovation in Barcelona we were pursuing, namely the Còrsega street. It was a total renovation in which we improve both the image and the equipment of all the rooms of the building.

As you can see in the next video, we managed to create spacious, bright and welcoming, something perfect for a renovated home offers the best performance.

Kitchen renovation

It is an open kitchen and distributed on two fronts. On the left, attached to the wall, stood a section of plate kitchen equipped with a hob and then a kitchen cabinet in which they embed new appliances. On the right, the reception lounge, the bar had a kitchen with a sink one another. Moreover, it is a perfect surface to perform daily intake more easily.

In addition to new equipment, kitchen renovation also saw increased its storage capacity, because it has several drawers and cabinets in both upper and lower parts of the tiles.

Bathrooms renovation

The property has two bathrooms that were redesigned and fully equipped. The walls were tiled toilet up halfway bevelled tiles and white floor was installed a hydraulic pavement. This reform is equipped with a bathroom sink with drawers built, a toilet and a shower screens protected.

The main bathroom has a facility and interior design very similar with only a few small changes. In this case the tiles tiling to half height are blue and provide a cooler environment to stay. In turn, the sink is sobreencimera and has an oval design.

House renovation in Barcelona

In Grupo Inventia we have a team of specialists in house renovation in Barcelona city. Tell us what you need and we will offer the best options across a wide range. Contact us for further information without any obligation.