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Integral reform in Aragó street

This week the company of integral reforms Grupo Inventia have completed a new integral reform in the city of Barcelona. This time we ordered completely rehabilitate a house located on Aragó street.

As you can see in the video below, as well as perform tasks to improve both the interior design and equipment, we can also restore the original features of the property that keep intact the essence of the past and will bring a lot of personality. We refer, for example, hydraulic flooring in the livingroom and the bathroom and the ceiling brick in the same livingroom.

Kitchen reform

The kitchen is located in the corridor and therefore in an open space. Being a rectangular surface, we chose an L-shaped distribution that helps to make better use of the space and give the room a perfect organization.

On the right side you had a kitchen cabinet with holes made for embedded appliances. A refrigerator, camouflaged by the same cabinet doors, oven and microwave. In the center stood a long counter on which installed a hob and a sink of one another.

Furthermore, this kitchen reform has drawers and cabinets for storage in both the bottom and top of the countertop.

Bathroom reform

The bathroom is fully equipped and now has a sink, a toilet and a shower screens protected by sliding doors.

However, in this bathroom reform striking the design. Our interior decorators bet on a tiled halfwaywhite bevelled tiles and painted the other wall of the same color. This generates greater luminosity to the room and combines perfectly with the hydraulic pavement in black and white was restored.

Integral reform in Barcelona

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