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Integral reform in London street

Barely a few days ago that we gave Grupo Inventia concluded integral reform that were carried out in a house located in London street of Barcelona. It was a total renovation that improve both the design and the equipment of all rooms. Including the lounge, the kitchen or the bathroom.

In general use neutral shades like white or gray painted walls. On the other hand, installing a laminate floor a very natural wood tone, something that also grant personality to the home, helping to generate more spacious feeling.

The improvements in the integral reform can be seen in the next video.

Kitchen reform

The kitchen, open to living area, was distributed in the form of L. In the section on the right side of the desk you had a single sink if, while the right side was installing a hob. Furthermore, the kitchen has a complete equipment regarding appliances and has several drawers and closets for storage in both the bottom and top of the countertop.

For the design of this kitchen reform was installed laminate flooring and the white color was used for the entire kitchen cabinet. As detailed, the wall of this kitchen reform tiled style hydraulic pliers.

Bathroom reform

Regarding bathroom reform, this is completely tiled, with a built-in sink with drawers, a toilet and a shower protected by a screen.

For the design, the walls was tiled to medium height with white tiles and painted the same color the rest of the wall. Floor was used hydraulic floor way, stay stylish design, plus very functional.

Grupo Inventia integral reform

Grupo Inventia offers personalized service and professional in your integral reform. Contact us for further information without any obligation of the advantages that you will have to work with a leading company.