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Integral reform in Maria Claret

A few days ago we completed a new integral reform in a building located in Sant Antoni Maria Claret street. It is a loft apartment has been completely renovated to offer maximum comfort to its owner and function in their daily lives.

To rehabilitate the land was used to light parquet and walls painted with gray, both neutral colors. However, the rooms were painted with a beige tone and doors that were placed were dark wood color. With that, he managed to get the climate comfort that deserves a living room and a cozy feel to the bedrooms.

Moreover, the kitchen reform is integrated in the same space as the main room, so that the priority was more diferéncialos. This was achieved by installing an open kitchen with a breakfast bar incorporated. The kitchen is equipped with all necessary appliances for proper habitability and also was placed a piece of furniture has several drawers and cabinets. But they got a clear separation of spaces was the color chosen for the lower kitchen cabinet. We chose the red tone that certainly allows the boundaries of their own cooking.

To bathroom reform chose classical pieces healthcare. A toilet with a bidet and a toilet with a built-in wardrobe and a mirror on top. The shower occupies a part, so further increases comfort when performing cleaning. To cover the walls and beige tiles were used for flooring tiles gray colors that combine well and give the bathroom a feeling of warmth that makes it more welcoming.

This was another integral reform that fulfilled our expectations. Contact us and informed of our services without compromise.