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Integral Reform in Passatge Catalunya

This week we have finished for the integral reform that were carried out in a house located in Passatge Catalunya of Barcelona at Camp de l’Arpa neighborhood. It was a total renovation of the low, which has or outdoor patio, and thus improve her image as equipping all rooms.

Being a bass, it was necessary to enhance the brightness of the property, so that the walls were painted using light shades like white or beige. With this objective, the laminate parquet flooring was installed was also a very natural wood tone. All of the new enhancements and finished of this integral reform can see in the video below.

Kitchen reform

The kitchen was in a stay independent and to take advantage of the maximum space possible to opt for a distribution in the form of L.

At the end of the right side of this kitchen reform was to have an empty tailored to the fridge and then was placed first section of the counter. About this, he installed a ceramic hob and oven to fit the bottom. The tour twists to the right and leads to the second stage, on which it had a single sink.

In addition to the new layout and equipment, this kitchen reform has several drawers and cabinets for storage in both the bottom and top of the countertop.

Bathroom reform


The bathroom reform also take advantage of all available space to get a stay equipped and very functional.

This is equipped with a built-in sink with drawers, perfect for storing bath products, a toilet and a shower screen protected by a sliding door.

Both reform and in the kitchen and bathrooms used the white, thereby generating greater luminosity to the rooms of the building.

Grupo Inventia integral reform

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