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Integral reform in Ripollet

In Grupo Inventia we have completed integral reform were carried out in a house located in the town of Ripollet in Barcelona.

In it, besides improving certain aspects of the design and painting of the walls and the installation of a new floor, we made a profound kitchen and bathrooms reforms, which have improved the image as much equipment in each of the rooms.

In the following video you can see what those improvements mentioned.

Kitchen reform

The kitchen reform was open and we chose a distribution U, using a bar type american kitchen.

At the end of the right side was placed in a gap size for the fridge and then they had a small section of the counter. This turns left to make way for more long counter, which is attached to the wall. On that settled a double sink and cooker hob five. Already in the end, it encastraron appliances, consisting of an oven and microwave.

Just before it was placed on the third section of the counter, designed to support surface and also used as a breakfast bar.

Bathroom reform

The bathroom reform was equipped with a fully equipped very functional. It now has a toilet, a sink and a shower bath.

As for design, the walls were tiled to half height with white bevelled tiles, painting the remaining wall of the same color. This was achieved greater feeling of spaciousness and light.

Grupo Inventia integral reform

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