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Renovation in Barcelona: Torrent de l’Olla street

A new project of renovation in Barcelona takes us to Torrent de l’Olla street. We have taken it upon ourselves to apply all the necessary improvements to turn this flat into a true home. The new features include both the interior design of the property and the new equipment we have installed.

Now this home in Barcelona has everything necessary to offer the best services at all times. As a renovation company, our goal is to make your home look the way you want it to. To achieve this, we have experienced professionals and materials proven in the sector.

To see the new finishes of this renovation in Barcelona, we share the following video. If you also want to renovate your home, call us on 93 209 97 17 and ask for your estimate. In a few days we will have it ready and deliver it to you without any obligation.

Contemporary design

The first step was to determine the new interior design of the house. Along with the advice of our interior designers in Barcelona, we opted for a neutral and timeless style. This way there are more options to be able to decorate and furnish it. At the same time, we have created warm spaces with a welcoming atmosphere.

We painted the walls white, both in the common areas and in the bedrooms. Thanks to this we get very well lit areas. The white color is perfect for the light to flow freely in all corners of the floor. The new doors and plinths are also white.

The flooring is added to the innovations in the interior design. We installed a parquet floor in natural wood tones. It fits perfectly into the contemporary design and enhances the feeling of warmth. In addition, it is made of a resistant, durable material that can be cleaned very easily.

U-shaped kitchen

The new kitchen adapts very well to the new style of the house. It is an open kitchen with white furniture and a gray sandstone floor. It has a very functional U-shaped layout and offers a breakfast counter space on the left side. In addition, it has new top brand appliances.

At the far right we have integrated the fridge, the oven, the microwave and the washing machine. This is followed by a first section of counter equipped with a glass-ceramic plate. The counter turns to the left and gives way to a second section. Here is the sink of a sinus and a good support and work surface.

In addition to the layout and equipment, we have also expanded the storage capacity in the kitchen. It has cupboards and drawers throughout the lower part of the counters and also storage modules in the upper part.

New bathrooms

The two bathrooms of this renovation in Barcelona have complete and functional sanitary equipment. Each has a toilet with built-in storage furniture. They also have a toilet and a shower tray. We opted for a functional and accessible water area, ready to be used at all times.

Regarding the new design of the bathrooms, we have kept a similar style to the rest of the house. The walls are tiled with beige and gray tiles to create a fresh and cozy atmosphere. These are two spacious bathroom spaces with a lot of light. In addition, they are surfaces that require simple maintenance.

Projects of renovation in Barcelona

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