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Renovation project on Mallorca street in Barcelona

We have completed a new house renovation in Barcelona, specifically in Mallorca street. It is a very complete renovation project. We have taken it upon ourselves to improve the interior design, the facilities and also to restore several original elements. Thanks to the versatility of our team, we can adapt to all kinds of needs.

After the work we have done we have achieved a home with a family atmosphere and that offers the best benefits. Both the common and private spaces are ready to enjoy. We share all the improvements we have applied in this renovation project in Barcelona in the following video.

Open kitchen

One of the first improvements of the renovation project can be seen in the kitchen. It is now in an open space connected to the living and dining areas. For the arrangement of the new elements we have used a U-shaped kitchen layout. This is a kitchen that offers excellent mobility to make use of all its elements.

On the right side we find the appliances. They are integrated into the kitchen furniture and consist of a fridge, oven and microwave. In addition, it has a vertical wardrobe that generates a large storage space. In the central space there is a counter equipped with a ceramic hob. At the same time, it offers a large support and work surface.

We have integrated the sink on the counter on the left side. It is a surface that also functions as a breakfast bar. By enabling some kitchen stools we get a perfect space for quick meals. As for the image, we chose a white kitchen cabinet and combined it with gray countertops.

Bathroom renovation

This Mallorca street flat has two bathrooms and we have taken it upon ourselves to completely renovate them. Although they are different in size, each has full sanitary equipment. It consists of a sink with built-in furniture, a toilet and a water area. The latter is a shower tray protected by sliding door screens.

On the topic of bathroom design, we used neutral tones to enhance the brightness and spaciousness of each bathroom. We tiled the walls with light beige tiles, contrasting with the darker shade of the floor. At the same time, we have combined it with the wooden finishes that the bathroom furniture has.

In general terms, we have created two cleaning spaces with a modern and welcoming image and which have functional sanitary facilities. Each bathroom is ready for use at any time of the day.

Restoration of interiors

In addition to the kitchen and bathrooms, in this renovation project in Barcelona we have also taken it upon ourselves to improve the interior design. This aspect, we opted for a contemporary interior design with neutral tones. Both the lounge areas and the bedrooms have a cozy atmosphere.

In the same way, natural light can easily flow throughout the floor, generating more warmth. In addition to the new features, we have also restored original elements of the house. The hydraulic floors in various areas of the floor stand out. We took care of cleaning and polishing them to get them back to their best condition. At the same time, we have also restored the windows in the living room and the walls in the kitchen and the master bedroom.

Tailor-made renovation project

At Grupo Inventia we adapt to your needs and prepare a personalized renovation project that fits both your tastes and your budget. To request it, contact us by calling 93 209 97 17.