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Restore original elements for a new interior design

12 July, 2021 · Blog

When carrying out a house renovation, it is possible that original elements for the new interior design can be used. As a house renovation company, there have been several occasions in which we have encountered this possibility. Whether at the request of customers or the vision of our interior design department that sees in certain elements a great potential.

At Grupo Inventia, we treat each house renovation project in a personalized and tailor-made way. We can say that each of our works is unique and adapts to the needs transmitted to us by the owners of the property. That is why before starting any type of work we develop a project with 2D plans and 3D renderings without any cost or commitment.

The versatility of our professionals in the field of interior design and renovations allows us to adapt to all styles and budgets. We have a wide variety of options for every space in the home and we always offer the best qualities on the market. From there we try to maintain the original essence by offering professional restoration work.

Nuevo trabajo de reforma integral finalizado en Barcelona.

Architecture in Barcelona

The houses in the city of Barcelona are characterized by offering a very personal image and have very characteristic elements. So much so that sometimes they have to be introduced into the new interior design of the home. It is an option that will allow to update the image and the equipment of the house to reform reforming contributing character.

For example, volta catalana ceilings are a classic. Many of them have been covered before, as it was a common practice a few years ago. However, this is an element that can fit perfectly into a contemporary interior design and even improve it. With the advice of a professional interior design company, great things can be achieved.

In the same way, our radius of action is not limited only to the city of Barcelona. Our house renovation team also operates in nearby municipalities. In any case that is possible we will always shuffle different options based on the tastes and needs of the owners interested in reforming.

Brick seen

reforma integral

As we have mentioned, the Catalan vaulted ceiling is a classic that can be introduced in a current interior design project. A fea volta catalana of ceiling is its exposed brick finish, a booming element in interior decoration. This premise is also valid for a vito brick wall. As with the ceilings, the trends caused many walls to be covered.

Wanting a smooth look on the walls left behind finishes in exposed stone or brick. As in many other sectors there are decorative elements that return and this is one of them. By having a team of professional restorers we can recover this type of finish and apply them in a modern interior design.

Contemporary interior design

As we have mentioned a contemporary interior design is not at odds with elements of yesteryear. They can also bring a rustic design point to a city home, details that will only make you love your home more. In the interior design company Grupo Inventia we usually work based on a current interior design.

In it, neutral tones predominate, as they generate very bright and spacious spaces. These are much desired features in homes that need to be completely renovated. In this way elements with a volta catalana ceiling or a exposed brick wall fit perfectly. These are elements that contribute to creating warm and welcoming environments.

Hydraulic floor

Another original element that we often restore is the hydraulic floors. Years ago they provided a majestic image and were a guarantee of endurance. Like the ceilings and walls discussed, many homes chose to cover them with modern flooring. Stoneware and parquet floors became the norm.

empresa interiorismo barcelona

Even so, a well-restored hydraulic floor can be a great decision for the new interior design of a home. In this sense, those of spaces such as the kitchen or bathrooms can be recovered. These are rooms where a hydraulic floor ensures comfort and resistance. From there, the option of including it in other rooms such as the livingroom or the bedrooms can be considered.

Restoration and interior design in Barcelona

In this text we have pointed out some options with which to recover some original elements in the new interior design of your home. Ceilings and exposed brick walls or hydraulic floors work perfectly in a modern interior design. With the right interior designers and restorers you will get it.

As a company specialized in house renovations and interior design in Barcelona we offer services os interior design and complete or partial renovation of housing. In each reform we carry out an interior design project at no cost or commitment. To request it you can call us at 93 209 97 17. You can also contact via the Whatsapp icon at the top right of the screen.