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In which rooms to place hydraulic pavement

20 September, 2018 · Blog · Tags:

When we are going to carry out a house renovation there are many aspects to take into account as the distribution that we want to apply to housing, the colors that we will use with it or all the elements that will make it up. Among them is the pavement, being one of the most important, since we will see it daily and we have to choose well not to change it in a few years.

In this post we will focus on the hydraulic pavement and the rooms in which it is recommended to be placed. Obviously this one can be placed in any one of them, but there are two in which its presence will contribute personality to us in the internal and practical design at the time of the maintenance.

Kitchen and bathroom

Of all the rooms that make up a house, the daily use of both the kitchen and the bathroom require an easy to maintain and clean ground, but it is not necessary to renounce the image and the design to achieve this. It is here where the hydraulic pavement appears, which can be easily maintained and will give us a different and apt image in any decorative style.

The same thing happens in the bathroom, in which you can get very nice combinations, since the hydraulic pavement works in the same way next to a wall tiled as in a painted.

With regard to the practical theme, the bathroom is a wet room or in which we can not escape any splash, so that the power to rub it daily will be something habitual. Thus, the hydraulic pavement offers a smooth surface in which it is very simple to clean it with mop or mop.

Hydraulic pavement Grupo Inventia

At Grupo Inventia we have a wide catalog of pavements of all kinds and we advise you personally so that you can have the one you like the most in the room you have decided. You can contact us and we will inform you without obligation.