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Rustic interior design in the city

15 September, 2021 · Blog · Tags:

In the company of renovations and interior design Grupo Inventia we elaborate projects for all type of renovations in the home. From total to partial renovations through interior design and restoration projects. Offering such varied services demonstrates the versatility of our professionals.

So much so that we can adapt to any interior design that is requested. Whether implemented in a complete house renovation or in a specific interior design project. We always work based on the tastes and needs of the owners. If you want to print a rustic interior design in any home we can do it.

reformas integrales
Rustic style livingroom | Grupo Inventia

That will be the main topic of the article, how to apply a rustic interior design in a city house. The world of interior design is constantly evolving and we can print a new image of any style to any home. Our professionals have extensive experience in the sector and will advise you throughout the project. This makes it much easier to get what you want.

Current rustic interior design

Before we start mentioning those details with which we will achieve a rustic interior design in our home we must discuss the general ideas. The rustic interior design is presented as an image associated with nature. Elements such as stone or wood have a lot of presence and strength in it.

However, it is not absolutely necessary that the same parameters be used in all projects. Obviously it is not the same to work in the redesign of a house located in the middle of nature that in a house located in the city of Barcelona. This is where those rustic style details that can be included in any home appear.

Rustic image

In order to introduce rustic interior design in a home, some bases must be used with which we will be able to enhance it. As we have mentioned, the rustic image is associated with nature and the purest well-being. In this sense, a project with rustic interior design must be considered with the presence of natural light and colors that generate a welcoming atmosphere.

cocina rustica
Rustic style kitchen | Grupo Inventia

For the first point it will be necessary to consider a change of windows. A good option in this plot are the double-glazed aluminum carpentry windows. You get a perfect space for natural light to enter the home without any hindrance. In addition, the thermal and acoustic insulation will help to enhance the rustic feeling.

On the other hand we have the colors that best fit this type of image. Following the premise of nature and peace, neutral tones will be the ones that enhance it the most. Beige, white or ocher colors will be a good choice. They are also tones that accept very well the combination with wood, a finish that will also be used.

Rustic furniture

Another aspect to consider in rustic interior design is the furniture that we will have in the different spaces of our house. As we have mentioned, wooden furniture is the most suitable option. It can also be combined with stone, slate or hydraulic finishes. Currently the market is very generous in this aspect and we will be able to have furniture of rustic finish with stylized details.

reforma baño
Rustic style bathroom furniture | Grupo Inventia

Until now, rustic furniture had remarkable reliefs and a dark wood finish, a classic. Currently we can print this same image in a much more subtle way. A simple example can be seen in the kitchen. The reliefs of the cabinet doors can be much finer and enhance this rustic interior design through the combination with other finishes.

In shared spaces such as the livingroom or bedrooms we can follow the same modern line. As long as the decoration is in accordance with the image of the rustic we can use different tones in the finishes of the furniture or other elements such as doors. The pavement will also play a major role.

Rustic floors

To complete a rustic interior design in our home we must also think about the new floor. A simple and comfortable option will be a parquet floor. We can choose between natural or laminate flooring and its different finishes. In possibilities such as the kitchen and the bathroom, other possibilities open up. Hydraulic or stone finish floors fit perfectly into the idea of rustic image. They also bring a lot of personality to the overall interior design.

Bathroom with hydraulic floor Grupo Inventia

Interior design projects in Barcelona

At Grupo Inventia, each renovation or interior design project is unique and personalized for each client. We offer the best options to the needs exposed in the initial visit. This is accompanied by the advice of our department specializing in interior design. Our catalog is wide, varied and we can adapt to any decorative style.

After an initial visit we prepare a project and a budget that we deliver at no cost or commitment. It presents the new distribution through the floor plans and an approach to the final result through 3D renderings. All based on your needs and budget. To request it call us at 93 209 97 17.