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Rustic style interior design in the city

14 October, 2020 · Blog · Tags: ,

We have already mentioned on several occasions that the world of interior design offers endless opportunities to decorate our home. Currently it does not matter the location of our residence to apply a Nordic, minimalist, challenging or, as we will talk, a rustic.

reforma integral barcelona
Restored wooden windows and brick ceiling | Grupo Inventia

In Grupo Inventia we have a department specialized in interior design. Its stamp is printed on every house renovation project we carry out, whether in Barcelona city or in a nearby town. Our interior design work in Barcelona is tailored to each client and we have the means to adapt to any style and budget.

Wood protagonist

One of the key points when using a rustic interior design are the wooden elements. These are able to print a perfect rustic image, either in classic or modern lines. If it has a natural image, it will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Two essential elements in any interior design that wants to convey the rustic.

By this we are referring to furniture such as shelves, table, chairs, etc. As we have mentioned you can also opt for a rustic style interior design of modern lines. Another element that will play an important role will be the pavement. When we want to print a rustic interior design in our home, nothing better than parquet flooring.

Nuevo trabajo de reforma integral finalizado en Barcelona.

Parquet floors help to enhance that rustic image we want in our home. In this case the market also offers us many options and adapts to all types of budgets. While natural parquet will undoubtedly be a success, laminate flooring will offer us the same image and strength at a cheaper price. In Grupo Inventia we have an extensive catalog of parquet floors so you can get the interior design you want.

Restore original items

Another option that enhances a rustic image in our home is to restore some original elements. In this case we refer to exposed brick walls or ceilings. Long ago it was normal to cover this type of wall and cover the ceilings, but now its image is one of the most desired.

In the city of Barcelona there are many homes that have some of them. At Grupo Inventia we have expert restorers for this type of case. Whatever home desing you want, having them is a plus and more in a rustic interior design. As in the case of the pavement, we can also find wall finishes that mimic the brick seen. Having it in your home will be very easy.

reforma integral

Interior design in Barcelona

Each house renovation project of Grupo Inventia is accompanied by a precise interior design project. Our professionals will listen to your needs and advise you as you go so that you can achieve the perfect interior design in your home. You can request the information you need by calling 93 209 97 17.