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Save on electricity bill through renovations

16 January, 2020 · Blog

ahorar energia con reformas

The efficiency and energy costs of a property have become the main concern of national and international agencies.

New laws in this regard, such as the certificate of energy efficiency, require that we improve, or even renovation, real estate to reduce our energy costs. This is not just about reducing spending on electricity or gas bills, the new measures are aimed at reducing the pollution footprint of real estate.

Let’s see where in a home we can save energy through good renovation.

Air conditioning

Both in summer and in winter, the air conditioning in our home greatly raises our electricity bill. In addition, outdated air conditioning systems are highly polluting and inefficient, so this will be one of the first things to refurbish.

If we have air conditioning, electric heating or boiler heating, one of the best options is, if you do not want to do a major overhaul, the installation of control systems for air conditioning. This type of device, which allows a remote control, allows us to use much more energy efficiently.

These types of systems are simple to install and require minor upgrades.

If you want to do a major overhaul, install highly efficient, low-pollution appliances like condensing boilers or split floor.

Thermal insulation

One of the causes of the high cost of air conditioning is poor thermal insulation of the home. To improve the thermal insulation of a home it is best to make a reform that improves the insulation of walls and ceilings, this way we will also reduce energy costs of the property.

Some of the measures we can use to increase the insulation are installing a fiberglass or fiberglass roofing sheets, making a false insulated roof.

Another aspect that is gaining popularity in recent years is the use of thermal paint, which can be used both on the outside and inside the walls. These paintings are capable of deflecting heat. They also have certain characteristics against moisture, which prevent the appearance of mildew and reduce outside noise.

Intelligent lighting

Although we have said that the biggest energy expense of a home is going to air conditioning, the second biggest expense, even if you do not believe it, is lighting.

In many cases, the arrangement and location of light points is not appropriate. A good renovation in the arrangement of these types of light and the installation of intelligent control systems will allow us to reduce the lighting consumption of the property.

With these systems, we not only talk about a remote control with which to turn the lights on or off from outside the home, we talk about the possibility of adapting the lighting to the time of day or to the tastes of a person in specific or a stay especially.


Another reason for the loss of heat in a home is the windows. It is said that a quarter of the cost of heating is dissipated through the windows.

Poor sealing or use of obsolete or very cheap materials can be the cause of these losses.

It is true that changing windows is the most expensive part of a renovation, but it is worth it because of the cost savings.

The characteristics of a good window should be:

  • Sliding or swinging windows: this type is advisable against sliding as they are better insulated.
  • Double glazing
  • Breakage of thermal bridge if aluminum is chosen. These windows have a bad conductor placed in the aluminum, to prevent the heat from passing through the aluminum (which is a good conductor).
  • Choice of PVPC windows

A good choice when it comes to windows can save up to 50% on heating.