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Suitable colors for the bathroom

27 April, 2016 · Blog · Tags:

Conduct a bathroom renovation is easy. If someone wants to renovate this room, ask the renovations company to which it directs a new bathroom, a new toilet and probably change your bathtub for a shower, which is more functional and win space bathroom.

But bathroom is much more than its health elements. Are obviously an important part of an essential part, but a reform of bath and offers many possibilities from the interiorism department of Grupo Inventia want to talk about it. Specifically, we discuss some ideas or decorative trends need to select the perfect color for your bathroom.

Small bathroom

If your bathroom is large surface, neutral colors such as beige or white, will be beneficial in generating a greater sense of spaciousness and atmosphere. This is advisable, but we always have room for more personal details to apply.

You can tile the shower wall tiles of different shades of brown, which can be combined very well with the sink cabinet or drawer. If using colors mentioned is that this is the best color of wood.

Big bathroom

Moreover, if you have a bathroom with a large surface is wider variety.

In this case, white is always a safe bet and can be combined with elements of bright colors. If you opt for white, can be placed towels, soap or shelves contrasting colors such as red, black, green, etc.

In the case of this type of bathroom can also choose to tile halfway up and paint the rest of the wall, with the advantage of changing the image of the bathroom will be an easier task.

Bathrooms renovations in Barcelona

A Grupo Inventia have a specializing department in bathroom renovations. If you are interested, please contact us without obligation.