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The 4 advantages of aluminum windows

13 March, 2023 · Blog

A few years ago, replacing the original windows of a home with aluminum windows was something modern. Today it is impossible not to think about them when a new construction or a house renovation is carried out. Aluminum windows have become a basic piece to achieve well-being in the home.

Visually, aluminum windows bring modernity and are a popular option among owners. They adapt very well to contemporary design and can be integrated into many decorative styles. In addition, in the market we can find a variety of professionals and the change or installation will be a simple process.

ventana aluminio

Aluminum carpentry windows also stand out for their durability and easy maintenance. This type of window usually comes with double glazing and insulating shutters. Aluminum windows are perfect for achieving perfect thermal and acoustic insulation.

Resistant materials

Aluminum windows are made of a combination of aluminum and other materials. Among the options we have vinyl, thermoplastic or composite materials. The objective of combining these types of materials is to obtain light and resistant window frames. Thanks to these characteristics, the placement of the windows is light and easy transport is ensured.

A powder coating or an anodized finish is generally applied to aluminum window finishes. It is done this way because they are substances that help protect the window frames from corrosion and discoloration. This is another of the great advantages of aluminum carpentry: resistance and durability.

Design and finishes

ventanas aluminio dormitorio

We have modern aluminum windows available in a wide range of sizes and styles so that they can adapt to any type of interior design. In addition to having standard sizes, they can also be made to measure. We can use aluminum carpentry in any hole for a window.

Likewise, we can also find them in different colors and finishes. The most common are white aluminum windows. Since it is a neutral color, it fits perfectly with a current and contemporary image. For example, it can easily be combined with beige or gray tones.

Functional aluminum windows

If aluminum windows are the most used, it is because they are very functional. They can adapt to all types of holes and can have several opening forms. The style of our aluminum carpentry windows will be determined by our preferences. Even so, we can find from single or double guillotine windows to sliding windows. Passing also through folding windows.

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, aluminum windows are postulated as a great option for energy efficiency. The aluminum frames provide perfect sound and thermal insulation. They block outside noise and keep the air warm during the winter and the air cool during the summer.

Insulating and resistant

Likewise, hermetic seals also help prevent drafts and keep energy costs low. This is one of the drawbacks in homes that still have metal or wooden window frames. With aluminum carpentry we ensure greater resistance.

ventanas y puerta aluminio

When it comes to practicality, aluminum windows require simple maintenance. Its anodized or powder-coated finish is key. They protect the window from corrosion, discoloration and other environmental damage. To clean, the frames can be wiped with a damp cloth and dried easily.

Effective aluminum windows

Modern aluminum windows are an attractive and durable option for any home. They offer acoustic and thermal insulation, energy efficiency and low maintenance. The market for this type of window covering is so wide that they can be adapted to all types of budgets.